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  • Not much to say but perfect voice she is an excellent singer and no one could play Christine in the movie besides her

    she got looks talent and I wish I was her and i wish that i had her perfect singing voice she has a voice of and angel and she is a really great young actress I saw her in two magnificent movies Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow. And I'm a huge fan of Phantom and was worried on the casting but she was truly a great singer
  • Emmy Rossum is one of the best actresses I have ever seen. She was in two great films: The Phantom of the Opera and The Day After Tomorrow.

    She has the best singing voice I have ever heard and she's a talented actress.In The Phantom of the Opera, she was probably the most talented singer in the whole movie.I'm glad she is going to college to get an education and get a job so she doesn't rely on only the money she makes from acting. That's pretty much all I can say.
  • My god! Emmy Rossum seems to be one of the most talented actresses ever!

    I first saw Emmy in The Phantom of the Opera. She is an absolutely amazing actress. She believes so much in sticking with a character. She is absolutely amazing and down-to-earth.
    She was also in The Day After Tomorrow. She is amazing! She also has the voice of angel! She was the most talented in the whole movie!
    Emmy is so down-to-earth and neat! Im so happy that Emmy is going to college! She knows that she can't make all her money on acting and she is just so smart.
    Emmy Rossum is one of my favorite actresses. She's beautiful, has a an amazing voice, and is just an amazing, amazing actress. Emmy is one of my idols! I look up to her.
  • Emmy youre a legend. Thanks so much for playing Fiona

    Emmy youre such a phenomenal actress. I worry about your character & her siblings & family so much I end up in tears. your hard work is so appreciated. I wish you nothing but good stuff, always :)