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  • Senior Groupie Here.

    Well I am certainly late in the fan group. Just started looking at his vast kick off was Flash Point and he just got better and better. The fifth season in the cut "day Game" Riveting that show was canceled is beyond forward to future of Rico and past performances. Impressed.
  • Underrated, until now...

    I have been religiously watching Enrico Colantoni on his new hit show "Flashpoint", for which he just won a well deserved Gemini Award as the Best Actor in a Drama series. His portrayal of the cool-under-fire leader of the SRU pack, Sgt. Gregory Parker, is spot-on and truly is the anchor of the hit series.

    I did watch a bit of Veronica Mars in reruns, and while not the key role on that series he once again, was the anchor, for Veronica anyway. Quite a large role too, for one usually considered a supporting role.

    But the biggest surprise for me was watching Galaxy Quest and recognizing the gentle but determined (dare I say, "anchor"??) alien as being Enrico himself! Really fine actor.
  • A versatile actor.

    Enrico Colantoni is a very versatile actor; he was in Just Shoot Me and played one type of character there; and now he's in Veronica Mars, playing a different type of character. He plays both well, and while that's the role of an actor, he plays them so well that I initially didn't realize that it was the same actor in both shows.

    The real eye-opener came when I was watching one of my favourite movies, Galaxy Quest, and was reading the credits at the end, and realized that he's in that too, and plays the lead alien! That was a shock and made me realize what a great actor he really is.

    He should be a bigger star than he is, but that seems to be the way with Hollywood...
  • Known for his saracastic sense of humor on the hit NBC sitcom "just shoot me" he had a dry spell for a few years until landing the role of Keith Mars on the UPN show: Varonica Mars. where he plays the supporting, witty father of a snappy, smart highschool

    I'm a fan of Encino, his a good actor. He and David Spade pretty much carried Just shoot me in its finale seasons. I'm surprised that he didn't get the reqnization he deserved. He should've want on to do bigger and better things. and maybe he will his still pretty young.
    His acting has gotten way better on Varanica Mars and hopefully he land a star role on some movie or show. He deserves it.
    His half the reason I watch Varnica Mars for, the other half is for Kristen bells. I'm still waiting for a reunion episode of Just SHoot Me.
  • Enrico Colantoni is an amazing actor who brings warmth to his roles, and makes you feel for his character no matter what happens to him. He is a mastermind actor, and is one of the best of our time, especially in the new millenium.

    Enrico is an amazing actor. He plays Keith Mars on the show Veronica Mars with such a warmth that no matter what he does or what happens to him, you still love him and feel for the character. Enrico is one of the few actors in this millenium that can play a character in a drama or comedy with the same precision and warmth.

    He is one of the most talented current actors.
  • Enricol Colantoni is a great actor from Canada who was a late bloomer to the Entertainment industry only starting his impact on Hollywood in the mid 90s.

    Enrico Colantoni, an Italian-Canadian actor currently residing in the United States, is truly amazing. He has appeared prominently in the hit TV shows Just Shoot me and Veronica Mars, while doing supporting roles in many other films including Artifical Intelligence and Full Frontal. He is very muich undderated and definetely deserves to be up there with the best. His list of film credits have been minimal as he has mainly appeared on television and in roles that have taken up most of his time but his presence on screen no matter how small or large or what genre is reflective of the great actor he is. In reality he is known to be very nice and humble and is somebody who really appreciates his fans.