Enrique Murciano





7/9/1973 , Miami, Florida, USA

Birth Name




Enrique Murciano was born in Miami, Florida on July 9, 1973, and was raised there. He is of Cuban descent. He attended Tulane University and Boston Law School, but moved to Los Angeles to pursue his goal of becoming an actor. He brought with him his love of exotic cars and motorcycles.

On his first audition, 1997, Enrique landed the role of Alejandro in Speed 2. A role that only involved one line, but 6 months of shooting.

His break came three years later, when a two-day stint on the set of the Academy Award winning Traffic turned into several weeks work as the role of DEA agent Ricky placing him in several pivotal scenes with Luis Guzman and Don Cheadle.

After the short lived TV series "Spyder Games", Enrique landed the role of Sgt. Lorenzo Ruiz in the much-acclaimed Ridley Scott film, Black Hawk Down.

It was during the filming of Black Hawk Down that he was introduced to Jerry Bruckheimer, a meeting that led to his role in "Without a Trace" (2002).

Enrique lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Tonto. He is considered a great cook, and loves to experiment in the kitchen. Enrique's obsession with cars also applies to fixing them. His personal record for changing a flat tire is 1 minute and 19 seconds.