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  • Great actor.

    Like that he is on CSI every once in a while. Handsome.
  • An under rated actor who should be involved in many more mainstream movie projects. He's able to play characters of many variations, from playing Danny Taylor to Jeff Foreman to a totally different character Ricardo Fellove, he played them all really well

    Enrique is such a talented actor, I love him as Danny Taylor in Without a trace, he's able to show the tough side and the sensitive side to Danny brilliantly. I thought he was so great in The Lost City which showed his ability to play a totally different character to that of Danny Taylor and to fit the role. I saw him in Miss Congeniality two and thought that since he was playing another FBI agent, it may seem too much like his character Danny Taylor, but that so wasn't the case. He did a great job! I think he's such a good actor who's under-used in Without a trace and I hope to see him in many more mainstream movies.
  • He's a total hottie and an amazing actor!

    Enrique Murciano is totally hot and he has got amazing skills as an actor. He has got the whole package: he's gorgeous, talented, and funny. It is so strange that someone who is so hilarious in person can manage to translate such drama and seriousness into the roles he plays. Enrique shines in Without a Trace playing Danny Taylor. Even though his character seems to be completely diffrernt from who he is, Enrique performs great. It is unbelievable that he is as unknown as he is. It just goes to show you that people do not always spot, and appreciate the amazing talants of a young actor.
  • He is absolutly handsome, and an awesome actor.

    In Without a Trace he does such a good job at playing Danny Taylor, and being funny at the same time. I think that he sooo handsome and he should be a bigger star. I once saw him on the Ellen show and he was really funny, but that was what I expected. If he were to leave Without a Trace I would have to stop watching the show. I think that the show has too much personal stuff in it, but I love Enrique, so I like watching it. And I totally think that he deserved the Peoples sexiest G-Man award, since he totally is!!!
  • Enrique should be a much bigger star. CBS doesn't promote him nearly enough and he is the best thing about Without a Trace. He is adorable and one of the most talented young actors working today.

    Enrique Murciano is an extremely talented actor. He has a natural, effortless quality with great range. He can go from being silly and joking to guardly emotional. He creates characters that reasonate and make you think. He's likable even when he is portraying characteristics that are unlikable. For example, many times on Without a Trace, Danny acts in a arrogant way. But all of that arrogance and confidence is shrouded in this subtle insecurity that makes him all the more loveable.
  • one of the hottest modern actors of all times

    Enrique is a very talented actor and his role in Without a Trace really lets his personality come to screen. It is one of the highest reasons that I watch Without a trace, even though it is a very addictive show any way. Even though he is thirty two years old he looks at about 20 and acts like a eighteen year old (in a good way).!! I am glad that he dropped out of law to pursue his acting career, which is great for us.!! he has had only one other starring roleon tv which was in sypder games but has had guest roles in star trek:enterprise, suddenly susan, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The Pretender, The View.