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Enzo Palumbo

Enzo Palumbo

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  • I love Enzo's personality, game strategy, judge of character and his rap skills. His wife must be proud, you can tell he loves his wife and lil "pooh-bah" too!

    Definitely "The Brains" of "Bra-Gade". Enzo to the end! He choose a career in Clothing/Marketing design, Interview at a Red Carpet Music Events. A Judge on America's Got Talent or America's Best Dance Crew. Talk Show on Bravo or E!. This guys got skills and everyone loves him. Definetely NOT a reality show, these only sabatage families. I think that in spite of the game he has to play on big bro, he still seems to be genuine. He has to play head-games on big bro, which is understandable. he seems like a real stand-up guy. The only negative on Enzo is the bad language, he can clean it up and he'd still be liked.moreless