Eoin Macken

Eoin Macken


2/21/1983, Dublin

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Eoin Macken


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Dublin born Irish actor Eoin Macken discovered an interest for drama while at Universtiy College, Dublin landing his first part before finishing his studies. After some leading roles in several indie moves, he then moved to LA to carry on with his acting studios in addition to completing…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • 2013 Public Appearances:
      -June 28th-30th, 2013: Supanova Expo, Perth, Australia.
      -June 21st-23rd, 2013: Supanova Expo, Sidney, Australia.
      -June 16th, 2013: The Tempest by Shakespeare (dir. Jeremy Herrin), Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London, UK:
      -April 28th, 2013: Wales Comic Con, Wrexham, UK.
      -March 16th, 2013: MCM Birmingham Comic Con, The NEC (National Exhibition Centre), Birmingham, UK.
      -February 16th, 2013: MCM Midlands Comic Con, Telford, Shropshire, UK.
      -January 23rd, 2013: National Television Awards, O2 Arena, London.

    • In order to raise funds to finish his movie Cold, Eoin organized a fan convention (The Cold Con) at the Thistle City Hotel Barbican, London on November 3rd, 2012. He coundted on the help and attendance of many friends: Tom Hopper, Alexander Vlahos, Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Rhys Saunders, Serenna Dundas, Gerry Balfe Smyth and Alan Rickard (from Evora), who is behind the soundtrack of the movie.

    • Favourites:
      -Film:Paris, Texas!
      -Song: Bat out of hell (Meatloaf).
      -Male singer: Bon Iver & The Evora, Alan Rickard.
      -Female singer: Ani DiFranco and Phoebe Snow.
      -Motto: "Sure fuck it, just do it!"
      -Food: Lasagna.
      -Thing he always carries around: a camera.
      -Dream car: Anything by Mercedes.
      -Bad habit: Sleep in.
      -Superhero: Wolverine.
      -Merlin filming locations: Pierrefonds (France) and Raglan Castle (UK).

    • 2012 Public Appearances:
      -November 3rd, 2012: The Cold Convention, Thistle City Hotel Barbican, London, UK.
      -November 1st, 2012: The Inside premiere, Australian Monsterfest, Cinema Nova, Melbourne, Australia.
      -May 20th, 2012: Soccer Six tournament, West Ham United FC, Upton Park, Newham, London.
      -May 19th, 2012: Heineken Cup Final rugby match (Rampant Leinster vs. Ulster), Twickenham Stadium, London.
      -February 24th, 2012: The Callback Queen Behind the Scenes, BFI Southbank, London.
      -February 21st, 2012: RTE's The Juice.
      -February 2nd, 2012: Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) 2012, Dublin, Ireland.
      -January 25th, 2012: National Television Awards, O2 Arena, London.
      -January 14th, 2012: I Think, Therefore filming at Leadenhall Market, London.

    • Eoin is professionally represented by:
      -Halina Froudist, Actors and Movers.
      -Josh Pearl, ICM.
      -Manager: Kat Gosling, Finch & Partners.
      -Modelling Agency: Morgan The Agency.

    • 2011 Public Appearances:
      -December 2nd, 2011: Live at the Apollo (as Audience).
      -October 14th, 2011: The Late Late Show, RTE Studios, Dublin, Ireland with Merlin co-stars Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath.
      -October 7th, 2011: Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind-Up with with Merlin co-stars Angel Coulby and Rupert Young.
      -October 1st, 2011: BBC Breakfast with Merlin co-stars Adetomiwa Edun, Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath, Rupert Young and Tom Hopper.
      -September 18th, 2011: T4 with Merlin co-stars Rupert Young and Tom Hopper.
      -June 5th, 2011: Celebrity Soccer Six, Burnley Stadium, Lancashire.
      -April 2011: Football match with Sully FC U12s.

    • Recognitions and Awards:
      -Coveted model competition at the UCD Arts fashion show.

    • Other Credits:

      -2012 Cold.
      -2010 The Inside.
      -2010 Charlie Casanova.
      -2009 The Fashion of Modelling.
      -2008 Christian Blake.

      -2012: Cold.
      -2010 The Inside.
      -2009 The Rise of the Bricks.
      -2009 Dreaming for You.
      -2008 Christian Blake.

      -2010 The Inside.
      -2009 The Fashion of Modelling.
      -2008 Christian Blake.

      -2010 The Inside.
      -2009 The Fashion of Modelling.

      Camera and Electrical Department:
      -2010 The Guards (stills photographer).

    • Director:
      -2012 Cold.
      -2010 The Inside.
      -2009 The Fashion of Modelling.
      -2009 Dreaming for You.
      -2008 Christian Blake.

    • Filmography:
      -2012 Cold as Jack.
      -2010 Siren as Ken.
      -2010 3 Crosses as Ethan Linksy.
      -2009 Centurion as Achivir.
      -2009 The Rise of the Bricks as Dennis.
      -2009 Small Island as Calhoon.
      -2009 Savage as Gym Changing Room Guy 2.
      -2009 Pubworld as Chuck Madsen.
      -2009 3 Crosses as Ethan Linsky.
      -2009 Through the Night as Jay.
      -2009 Dreaming for You as Adam.
      -2009 Christian Blake as Christian.
      -2009 Blood as Jonathan.
      -2008 Fifth Street as Janitor.
      -2007 All The Little Things as The Man.
      -2006 Rise of the Bricks as Dennis.
      -2006 Studs as Tosh.
      -2005 Triple Bill as The Gunman.
      -2005 Taking Liberties as Joe.

    • Television:
      -2013 The Night Shift as TC Callahan.
      -2010-2012 Merlin as Gwaine.
      -2010 Xposé (S4E93) as Himself.
      -2010 Raw (E2S4) as Jack.
      -2007-2010 The Tudors as English Officer.
      -2007 Fair City as Gavin Cluxton.

    • Modelling:
      -2012 Lisbeth Mulcahy weavery.
      -September 8th, 2011: Gay Times Magazine photoshoot.
      -GQ magazine.
      -Maxol Campaign.
      -Abercrombie & Fitch.
      -Ralph Lauren.

      -2009 Eg White.
      -2008 Braun, European TV Commercial Campaign.
      -2006 Galtee Sausages.
      -2006 Meteor Phones.

      Video Clips:
      -2004 Angel by The Corrs.

    • Skills:
      -Swimming, horseriding, golf, soccer, athletics, rock-climbing, surfing, sailing, kick-Boxing.
      -Accents: American: generic, New York, Southern. English: London, Liverpool, flat and upper class. French. Scottish. Northern irish. Irish including various regions and flat and upper. Australian.

    • Education:
      -Jesuit School.
      -University College Dublin, Bsc. Hons in Psychology, Dublin, 2005.
      -Honours 4 year Science Degree in Psychology.

      -2004 Advanced Acting for Camera, Gaiety School .
      -2004-2009 Meisner Technique (Nina Murrano), New York.
      -2006-2008 Stanislavski and film (Vincent Chase), Los Angeles.
      -2004-2005 Performance year in acting, Gaiety School.

    • Personal:
      Eoin is 5'11 (180 cm) and has brown hair and brown eyes. He is right-handed.
      Chest: 41 (107 cm).
      Waist: 32 (81 cm).
      Inside Leg: 32 (81 cm).
      Shoe: 9 / 42 Eur.
      Suit: 40 R Collar: 16

      -Star Sign: Pisces (born on February 21st, 1983).
      -Family: Father James Macken, barrister at law (deceased in 2007). A younger sister.
      -The two charms that he always wears around his neck are his father's wedding ring and a Egyptian symbol from his mother.
      -Eoin wanted to be a marine biologist when he was in college.

  • Quotes

    • Eoin: (About having memorable encounters with fans) I wish I did have some manic and crazy ones, but a lot of them were actually really nice! Everyone's actually been really cool and really chilled and really nice. There was this one girl who was hyperventilating and I gave her some chocolate and she was fine, so maybe she was just hungry. Most people have been really nice and really chilled, so it's been really relaxing. Let's get some horror film crazies mixed up with some convention crazies, that'll be fun.

    • Eoin: (An advice to upcoming models/actors) Be very very, very determined! Trust your instincts and work hard. Never take no for an answer and enjoy it or else don't do it: life's too short!

    • Eoin: (On acting and directing) Acting is more emotionally draining, directing is more challenging intellectually. Directing has helped me understand what's required of an actor in a big way.

    • Eoin: (About LA) Lala-land is a hard tough place to live and succeed in, but if you know people, remain grounded it's really class! Some wacko people though but it's a lonely city and great fun!

    • Eoin: (About Merlin where he plays Sir Gwaine) It's great fun! It's the BBC's biggest show, goes out in 183 countries and I have a top trump card, what more would you want (laughs).

    • Eoin: (About what proffesional field is he best known for) I have no fucking idea... hopefully something cool. Beats me though!

    • Eoin: (About his hair) I don't use hair products. It's probably something in the Irish water. And bread. I eat a lot of bread. And chocolate and coffee. Probably apples too. Yes, bread, chocolate and apples. That's it.

    • Eoin: (About a career highlight) That would have to be the first film I did. It screened at a festival and my mom and dad came to a see it. That was before my dad got sick and died. So that would be a highlight for me that was really cool.

    • Eoin: (About his favourite field to work on) To be honest, I just love everything that comes with making a story. I love acting and I get a great kick out of it and I love studying acting. You get to hang out in a different skin and it can be quite exciting because you get to express yourself through a different character. It can be an escape in many ways. But I just also love writing. I was the cinematographer on this film called Charlie Casanova and we just won a bunch of awards and it's playing in many different countries. I enjoyed that because it's a completely different way of doing things. I wasn't looking at it from an actor's point of view, but more from a technical point of view. And that's the same with directing. It's all the same thing but just with a slightly different medium. You get to express yourself in different ways.

    • Eoin: (About his favourite childhood stories) When I was a kid, growing up, I used to write a lot of stories. I used to love Dungeons and Dragons and stories with bows and arrows and swords and the stories of Arthur and Camelot and Cu Culain, the Irish legend. They were my favourites as a kid.

    • Eoin: (About his character in Merlin) The thing with Gwaine is he's the kind of character that becomes the butt of the jokes in a way sometimes which I think is just because of his innocence and he's so chilled and laid back about it.

    • Eoin: (About the best advice he's ever received) Angel [Coulby who plays Gwen in Merlin] told me to remember my lines.

    • Eoin: (About Ireland) I come from Ireland, a land of green hilltops where soft winds caress the trees and sprinkles of rain mist overhead. It's the land of beautiful red-headed girls in white satin dresses.

    • Eoin: (About why he became an actor) I attended a Jesuit school, and the reason I started acting was that it gave me a chance to meet girls from other schools.

    • Eoin: (About his studies) I'm a psychology major who likes to delve into motivation.

    • Eoin: (About poetry) My favorite lines of poetry are by John Keats: Beauty is truth, truth beauty. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. I believe those words. It's the soul, and not the outer looks that matter most to me.

    • Eoin: (About what prompted him to make 'The Fashion of Modelling', a realistic look at the modelling industry) They [Eoin's younger sister and her friends] are always talking about having designs on being models. And they've been sucked into this MTV thing and don't really understand anything about what fashion actually involves.

    • Eoin: (About how he met Carl Shaaban) We met on a photo shoot, how romantic was that?