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Ephraim Ellis

Ephraim Ellis


2/23/1985, Toronto, Ontario

Birth Name

Ephraim Todd Ellis



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Ephraim has had one nomination centered around him for Time Stands Still - Part Two, In this dramatic episode we say a tragic goodbye to Ephraim's character. (The production team of Degrassi: The Next Generation was nominated for Outstanding Team Achievement in a TV Series Family for Degrassi:…more


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    • Ephraim: I WAS slightly anxious as it was my first time on a real set ever, but it was actually the best first job to have because I already knew some people there (namely Jake and John from school) so they helped me segue in with the people there. However, even without that, the whole cast and crew are great, so there wasn't the slightest problem with jumping right in.

    • Ephraim: When I was a small child I was always a big fan of playing make-believe. When I got older and realized [make believe] was a viable career option I decided to go with it. I think I finalized that decision in grade 12 when I starred in my high school's production of Six Degrees of Separation as Flanders. It was a really life-crystallizing experience, and I think it was during that production that I finally decided once and for all that it was what I wanted to do with my life.

    • Ephraim:(Describes his character, Danny on Falcon Beach) On the outside, he's the sarcastic and funny friend we all know and love. Inside, he's insecure and just wants to prove himself to everyone. I know this character well, because I'm a lot like him.

    • Ephraim: (Describes the audition process) Well, the audition process was fairly normal, as far as I could tell. When I first got the sides for the audition, there was no direct mention of Rick's abusive nature but I really got a sense of something going on underneath the character's surface that attracted me to the role. It was really neat to come to the callback to find out my intuitions were right (and my suspicions were confirmed!). Rick was the only part I'd auditioned for on Degrassi.

    • Ephraim: My first professional acting gig? Oddly enough, it was Degrassi. I'd only been auditioning for a few months after deciding to pursue acting as a career when I landed the part.

    • Ephraim: (on pronouncing his name) Ephraim is pronounced "Ee-frum," but that's just one of many pronunciations. It's a biblical name that was originally pronounced "Ef-rum," but the anglicized version of the name is "Ee-frum." It means "fruitful" in Hebrew (though I am not Jewish), and a friend of mine once told me that in ancient Hittite it means "he who has fought with the devil," or something like that. I'm not sure about the last part, but I can dream, as those are both pretty neat meanings for your name.

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  • Ephraim is my secret lover ...

    Though only seen for a few episodes of 'Degrassi: The Next Generation', Ephraim Ellis is most definitely one of the best actors to ever grace the show. Aside from being incredibly good looking with that gorgeous long hair and rimmed glasses, his acting skills are precise; especially in the moment where he pushes Terri into the rock and her feet fly up. How much more perfect can you get than that? Ephraim should definitely take up some new acting jobs so we can see more of his awesome acting skills and perfect long silky beautiful orgasmic hair :D Who else would agree with me??moreless
  • Ephraim would be my lover if I was sexually attracted to men or if was a girl.

    Ephraim Ellis is definately the most influential actor of all time. His work as Rick on Degrassi made me cry tears of happiness and joy because his raw talent just bore into my soul like a drill, except beautiful. Whenever I am informed that Ephraim will be on a TV show or movie I automatically have to watch it, even if it is the worst movie/TV show ever. Also, what cooler name is there than Ephraim? His parents must be the coolest people ever to give him such a radd name. I would like to meet Ephraim some day and kiss him on the forehead.moreless