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  • Bright stars burn too quickly

    Eric is one of those actors who is fortunate to be able to keep his private life, private. He is talented and seems to have a consistent stream of acting jobs. He could walk down the street without a swarm of cameras in his face. It seems that he has fun with his job and is definitely not stereotyped into one character profile. I think he is fun too watch and very easy on the eyes. I say keep up the good work and I look for you in more to come.
  • Not a bad actor.

    Needs some acting lessons.
  • I like the charisma he brings to the role & humor

    Eric brings in a lot of humour and charisma to the role. He's basically a good guy with an outwardly bad boy image---showing again that looks can be deceiving. I especially liked the episode on his boat---he finally got a chance to really be in an episode for a substantial period. The other episode that he was very good in was the episode in which he aged & almost died. He showed a lot of skill. Eric has done other things that I liked--Conviction for example, and I hope that he gets futher opportunities to demonstrate his talent to his fans in Haven.
  • Eric Balfour is a great actor!

    This guy is such a fox on Haven that I never miss this show. Please keep him in every episode and let's get him together with Ms. FBI for sure. Eric makes this show so much more interesting!! I saw him in 24 and several other shows and he was a great character actor. Now I can't wait to see him in more shows. I love his Charater in Haven- especially the sexy exchanges with his co-star. I hope to see ERic in lots of shows and would love to see him be in the leading role. Go Eric.
  • empty

    Eric Balfour is one of those very talented actors who has done a ton of work, but he's never starred in anything so you might not notice him. He's been in many television shows ("24" and "The O.C.") and many more movies ("What Women Want" and "Can't Hardly Wait"). Eric can pull off both comedic and dramatic roles with ease.
  • Talented and Has a lot of Potential!

    I think that Eric is a great actor and is an up and comer. Who hasn't gotten his big break just yet. But that role will come and get him. As it took years for George Clooney to break into this industry and look at where he is right now. Eric I think is underrated and think he has a lot of potential to be like Clooney. If he can find that breakout role in him. And choose carefully, think that he is poised for stardom and looks to be the next best thing. Just hasn't found the role that could give him that so far.
  • Review

    I know Eric for his role on "Six Feet Under" and "24" and without a doubt one performance can certainly outdo the other. I thought his performace on Six Feet Under was far better then 24, but he still did a good acting job on both of the shows that I saw him on.

    He had a very hard role on Six Feet Under, playing a drug addict who was in love with one of the other members of the show. He was always in trouble and didnt really give his heart to the crowd, but that was simply the role that he was given and I think that he played it very well.

    As far as 24 he never really stood out to me as someone who I would want to stay around for multiple seasons in a row. He was a good one-hit wonder, but his kisses with Nadia on the sixth season felt too much like old school Tony and michelle for me to really care. Still, hsi acting was always top-notch...the writing isnt his fault.
  • yummmm

    Ok so I noticed him for the eye candy he brings to me. I first saw him in Six Feet Under and I was intrigued, looked forward to seeing him week after week (unfortunately, he was not in a lot of episodes).

    Followed him to Sex, Lies and Secrets which I did not think I would like because the title itself seemed cheesy but I found that I liked him in it . . . but . . the show got cancelled.

    Now here I am . . . following Eric . . yet again to Convictions which thank God seems to be a good one that will get some ratings that will get some good airtime and hopefully a second season.

    I would love to see him range so please let's hope this one does not jump the shark or get cancelled.