Eric Bana

Eric Bana


8/9/1968, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Eric Banadinovich


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Eric Bana was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1968, the son of a Croatian father and German mother. He began his career as a comedian, while working as a barman at Melbourne's Castle hotel in 1991. Upon graduating from high school, he studied classical acting in Sydney as…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Eric: Fitness has become part of my life, not a fad thing for a role. You just feel so sharp

    • Eric raised $380,000 for Community Aid Abroad in a Comic Relief special on The Eric Bana Show Live.

    • Eric, along with his co-driver, Tony Ramunno, crashed his 1974 Ford XB Coupe into a bank while competing in the Targa Tasmania rally on April 19, 2007.

    • Before Eric was cast as Bruce Banner in The Hulk, Eric was also considered to play the lead in Daredevil and Ghost Rider.

    • Eric has less than eight cars. He won't reveal the exact number because he doesn't want his wife to know.

    • Eric was caught by a cop at a gas station taking a shower under a water pipe in only underwear when he was 21.

    • Eric wears two rings on his hand: the first is his gold wedding ring, and the second is the first thing his wife bought him when they were dating - a silver ring with coraggio (which means courage in Italian) engraved in it.

    • Eric trained at Fort Bragg in preparation for the 2001 film Black Hawk Down.

    • While on the Australian comedy series, "Full Frontal," Eric performed impersonations of people including Ray Martin, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stan Grant and Mike Willesee.

    • Eric was a popular class clown in high school and won school talent contests.

    • Eric's favorite sports team is the St. Kilda football team.

    • Eric purchased his first car for $1000 at the age of 15. It was a 1974 Ford Falcom XB Coupe.

    • Eric married Rebecca Gleeson in 1997.

    • Eric has an older brother by three years, Anthony.

    • Eric's father-in-law is High Court Chief Justice Murray Gleeson.

    • Eric has a Croation father Ivan, and a German mother Eleanor.

    • Eric was chosen as one of People Magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People in May 2007.

    • In April 2007, it was revealed that Eric Bana would star alongside Rachel McAdams in the movie adaptation of the novel The Time Traveller's Wife.

    • Eric Bana is one of the few Australian actors to make it big in Hollywood that still lives in Australia. He lives in his home town of Melbourne when he is not on location.

    • Eric put on 30 pounds for his role in Chopper by eating junk food continuously.

    • In 1996, Eric was named 'Bachelor of the Year' by Cleo Magazine.

    • Eric won three AFI (Australian Film Institute) awards for his role in the film Chopper.

    • In 1997, Eric received a Logie Award for "Most Popular Comedian" for his work on The Eric Bana Show.

    • Eric was a presenter at the 2006 Academy Awards, along with Jessica Alba.

    • A picture of his wife and child was used in Black Hawk Down (2001) for the scene where helicopter pilot Mike Durant is captured by Somalis. The prop department had forgotten to grab a picture of a wife and child for the shot, so they asked Bana's wife, who was traveling with him, if they could use a picture of her and their child for the shot and she agreed.

    • He says that his his idols are Richard Pryor, Paul Newman and Barry Humphries. (2005)

    • He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney.

    • Eric Bana began he career as a comedian, while working as a bartender at Melbourne's Castle hotel in 1991.

    • Eric Bana is 6'3" tall (1.91cm).

    • Family:
      Wife: Rebecca Gleeson
      Son: Klaus
      Daughter: Sophie

  • Quotes

    • Eric: (On what is nice in life) I love being at home, being with friends and family. I'm of European stock, brought up in Australia. I'm a passionate guy. I just love life.

    • Eric: (On the script for the Australian comedy The Nugget) I read the script and pretty much as I finished filming Chopper, I read it and felt like a child again. I felt like I had read an old book that had taken me back to my childhood and made me feel something that I couldn't quite explain that touched me very deeply. I was quite choked by the story when I read it.

    • Eric: (On his film Chopper) It was everything you could possibly experience in life and a movie, all rolled into one. It was extremely bizarre, extremely exciting, extremely bloody scary, and obviously fraught with all kinds of angst.

    • Eric: (On pursuing an acting career) I had absolutely no idea how to go about it and I was so bloody arrogant that I had no interest in going to drama school.

    • Eric: I look my best when I take my helmet off after a long motorcycle ride. I have a glow and a bit of helmet hair.

    • Eric: I hate being clean-shaven. My daughter gets very upset if I shave and says, 'Bring back the spikes, Dad.'

    • Eric: (on working with Geoffrey Rush in "Munich") Geoffrey Rush was an exceptional thrill for me because he is from the same city as me, Melbourne, and we know of each other and have met vaguely. We got to know each other through international flights between Melbourne and LA over the years during which we'd sit down and talk and eat and drink together and that had been the basis of our relationship. So when Steven told me he was going after Geoffrey for the role of Ephraim I was really excited and thrilled that he took the part. In some ways it kind of reminded me of our own lives in that our characters during the course of the film come together for these moments and then disappear and re-appear. It kind of feels like us in real life.

    • Eric: (on mastering the Israeli accent for "Munich") I had nearly two years to get ready. The Israeli accent wasn't one that I was overly familiar with so had to learn from scratch but I was very fortunate I had the right amount of time.

    • Eric: I race historic muscle cars back in Australia, and that's my hobby. And I try to race home as soon as I've finished a movie but don't tell anyone…

    • Eric: [Spielberg] approaches his films with such energy that it really kept me going. I was able to get into a zone and maintain it for the duration of the film.