Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff


5/27/1955, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Eric Bischoff



Also Known As

The Bisch, ATM Eric, Easy 'E', Uncle Eric, General Manager Bischoff
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Very few people can say that they once got the best of Vince McMahon, but Eric Bischoff is one of those people. As the former top man in Ted Turner's WCW, Bischoff helped revolutionize sports-entertainment and came close to single-handedly putting WWE out of business. Bischoff made it…more


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  • Eric is hot!

    HOT HOT HOT! Is all I have to say about this guy. He has all the right moves and has power. Come on..I give him a complete 100 on the scale of 1-10. I do believe that he has made raw what it is today. He did in faact bring the Elimination Chamber to the WWE. HE is very powerful and smart. He has all the right things going for him, including his own Production COmpany and he is a Master in Karate. Come on girls, who wouldn't want to do him.....moreless
  • Does his job pretty well.

    As you can tell by the previouse poster, Eric Bischoff, the current General Manager of Monday Night Raw does his job as a heel pretty well. I myself hope that he remains with the show as long as it runs, or as long as he possably can since I think he's the better of the two GM's.