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    • Eric Braeden: (on playing Victor in The Young and The Restless in an interview with Soap Opera Digest on April 21st 1987) I was skeptical about it working out. The character was too evil, but I became more and more pleased with the role as Victor evolved into someone with empathy and depth.

    • Eric Braeden (Eric on his dog in an interview with Soap Opera Digest on May 19, 1987): Maxi is a big German Shepherd who has a ferocious exterior but a kind disposition. He's more of a pussycat than Tiger (Braeden's cat).

    • Eric Braeden (on why he's stuck around in Genoa City on The Young and the Restless): I love to act - it's that simple. I've been happy with the past 20 years and have no reason to believe I will not be excited about the future evolution of my character.