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  • blooper

    There was a blooper on the show where Deeks got shot. It said on the DOB that his father was born in 1969, which is impossible as it would make him 8 years old when he had Deeks.
  • Growing and growing and growing...

    Olsen is surprising. Given his movie choices, one might be able to miss the fact that he's actually talented. Playing either a goof or an attractive teen, he's been typecasted as such. But, in those roles, he's become the person he's playing and the transformation has been interesting to see. I'd like to see him take a more dramatic turn or at least graduate from the teen comedies. He was the bright spot in Kirstie Alley's semi-decent tv movie "Write and Wrong." Hopefully, he can continue doing work that puts him with an older crowd. I know there's more there. He just hasn't had a chance to show it.
  • "He wasn't always interested in acting" ....


    .... his biography says. Well, that's more than evident considering that he can't act. He's the rough copy of NCIS's Tony Di Nozzo - always funny (funny?), always kidding, so incredibly unbearable. Of course, he can improve. Of course, because he can't go worse, he surely can't.