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    • Eric: Looks only get you so far. You can't just sit there and be pretty for hours of dinner. I know it sounds cheesy, but I need an intellect. I like to know, 'What books have you read lately? What are you passionate about? What do you care about?' She should have values, morality and should be funny, charming.

    • Eric (on the last time he cried): My brother's a Navy Seal, and he was deployed for six months. We didn't know when he was coming home. I remember the message on my voicemail that said he had just landed in New York. I just remember being so relieved and so happy and thankful.

    • Eric: Happiness is the journey, not the destination. You should find happiness in what you're doing every day. When I first came out here, it was always about reaching the next level: education, the acting business, getting a commercial, a TV show, a movie. You're always working towards something bigger without really appreciating what you have in the moment.

    • Eric: I've slept in a sleeping bag for the past four years of my life. It's this awesome North Face down sleeping bag. It's a cocoon of warmth. It maintains your body heat. Everybody with sleeping problems: if you go out and buy yourself a nice down sleeping bag, your body won't have to expend energy keeping yourself warm, so you can sleep. It kicks ass until you have a girl over. Then she'll look at you like you're crazy.

    • Eric: Mohawks are dumb, but a mullet is way dumber. Unless you like NASCAR, then it's so in style.

    • Eric: I played sports and did school plays and improv comedy. I was in a gifted program in elementary school, and you were persecuted for being in that. But my friends were always there for me. I never felt judged by them. When you're searching for your own identity, it's nice not to be searching for friends too.

    • Eric: I used to be scared of snakes and then my roommate in college bought a python. And by the end of the year, I'd grab [the python] out of her cage and put her around my shoulders. She'd wrap herself around my neck, and I'd go cook macaroni and cheese and watch TV.

    • Eric (on cow-tipping stories in Seventeen magazine): We tried. But up close, cows are kind of cute when they're sleeping, and you realize that when you knock one over, chances are it's going to fall and break a rib. I just couldn't do it. I was probably Hindu in a past life.