Eric Close





5/24/1967 , Staten Island, NY

Birth Name

Eric Randolph Close




Eric Close was born in Staten Island, New York on May 24th, 1967. Before settling down in San Diego at the age of seven, his family had moved to Indiana and Michigan. Eric's father is an orthopedic surgeon. He is the eldest of three brothers. In fact, one of the brothers (Chris) had a part in The Magnificent Seven episode "Wagon Train". Eric graduated with a B.A. in communications at the University of Southern California in 1989.

He married Keri in 1995 and has two daughters, Katie (born in October 1998) and Ella (born in April 2001). Eric is a very reserved person who likes to keep his private life separate from his work. He loves traveling the world. He's a sportsman, preferring outdoor sports such as mountain climbing/free climbing, snow skiing, tennis, golf, sailing and surfing. He mentioned in one of his many interviews that he liked fly-fishing.

Having always been a passionate reader of historical books, when the part of John Loengard (Dark Skies – television series based in the '60's) was proposed to him in an interview he declared, "Perfect. I now have the opportunity to live the moments that I could only have heard by what people said. Taking part in a project like this, it's like having a time machine at your disposal. Kennedy's new frontiers, which for my generation are stories told long ago, sometimes faded and incomplete. It would be wonderful to breathe filling your lungs with the air of that era."

Eric had been interested in acting from a very early age. His first stage experiences he had was when he was in elementary school, already demonstrating his outstanding talent. It seemed as though his acting career was just a beautiful dream and would never come true. In 1989, he appeared in a small film made by some college students. Eric had become determined to start his career as an actor. He also had the ambition to become a film director. After his graduation, he had attended various auditions and done some publicity spots.

His first role was in the theater production Rat Songs in L.A. He was then offered a part in the film American Me and Safe House, directed by Elena Mannus. Eric returned to the theater with Thanksgiving Cries.

He appeared as a guest star in many television series: Santa Barbara (Sawyer Walker), MacGyver (security guard), and Major Dad (private tutor). He starred in McKenna (Brick McKenna), Sisters (police officer), Dark Skies (John Loengard), the television western The Magnificent Seven (Vin Tanner), and Now and Again (Michael Wiseman).

At this moment Eric is filming a series called Without a Trace. This television series is based on a group of FBI agents who investigate cases of missing persons. He is also co-starring in Steven Spielberg's mini television series, Taken. His role is an alien.

Eric has also played part in Keeping Secrets, Without Constant, A Stranger Beside Me, Hercules and the Lost Kingdom, Long Island Fever, and N.T.S.B./Everything That Rises.