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  • love him on grey's anatomy ((:

    He is so hot in Valentine's day movie but looks like a real doctor on grey's. He is the man. Very cool and has a good taste of style. He's also a great actor and model. Too bad he's a dadee-o already.. His blue eyes sparkle and attracts women all over the world. so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so HOT ! !
  • Gotta love him!

    McSteamy is indeed very very steamy. Very hot. Very bad ass, very likable! Personally I like him better than McDreamy, because unlike the neurosurgeon, he is so unapologetic for everything he does.

    He's turned the bad - boy into something more than desirable because of the rebellious attitude, he's turned the role into something so much deeper than what we first thought.

    He's smart, talented, and when the right girl comes along, he's the best person in the world.

    Aside from Grey's Anatomy, if anyone saw X Men 2, he was pretty damn awesome in that too. A bunch of Eric Danes .... mmmmmmm ....

    All in all, he's wonderful =)
  • Who can't love this man?!?!

    Seriously, he couldn't love Eric Dane? From X-Men to Grey's Anatomy to Day time soaps, this man has such charisma and shows off his astounding skills in all that he does. The favorite role of mine would have to be McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy. With his devilish grin and the sarcastic baneter, not to mention the dirty mistresses club, he can always be counted on to bring inadvertant seduction and a relaxing drawl to the scene. Just having him in the shot seems to set women on edge and men on the verge of cancelling cable lmao All I can say is that Mr. Dane is excellent in all that he does!
  • i luv him in gery's anatomy he is my favorite character

    omfg i luved the scene when hecame out of the shower with just a towel that was sooo HOT in greys anatomy that was like my favorite episode with him he also plays in x-men the last stand which a great movie he plays the role as multiply man which he looks hot in too, but i perfer his role in greys anatomy where he play mark sloan a hot steamy plastic surgeon who latter gets the name as mcsteamy which totally fits him besides his hot looks he is also very talented he plays in like 5 movies show thats still good but no can argu the fact that he is so freaken hot and sexy
  • Great Anatomy

    whew, i have never, ever, ever been this addicted to a series as i am now with grey's anatomy! the show is exciting and all but the first time i ever saw him on the show, i was just speechless.. what can i say? man! now i know why addison had a relationship with mark! lol! mcsteamy is an understatement! i was really hoping he will be a part of the cast and lo and behold, he joins them in season 3!!! yahoo!!! what more can you ask for in this series??? lol

    i remember that scene at the hotel, damn it! that is one GREAT ANATOMY!!! oh so YUMMY!! lol..

    i love his role! as chandra wilson had said, another nasty factor! and i think he is able to do it well because, well, people hate him! lol.. remember that clip on ET where they first announced he was becoming part of the show.. mcdreamy was saying, i now go to the gym more often because of him.. lol! love it!!

    i dont ask you to agree but it's my opinion!
  • A great body that can turn emotions on a dime

    Like most people watching Grey's Anatomy when Eric first made his appearence as Dr. Mark Slone, the body and the arrogance got my attention. However, Dane has not stopped there with his portrayal of Dr. Slone. We have seen Dane make Dr. Slone more than just a body with an attitude. In one scene Dr. Slone starts off arrogantly throwing his weight around ordering his interns to do his errands, then turn into a little lost boy when Addison or Callie appears and dresses him down or when he hears people talk about relationships. In the hands of a lesser actor, either the arrogant side or the sensitive side of Slone would be played down. Dane portrays both sides of Slone with ease and does not show a pause, like in a real life situation, when he goes from one to the other. Even though Dr. Slone's arrogance is very uncomfortable to watch due to the brilliance of Dane's acting ability, I look forward to seeing Dr. Slone appear because Dane can pull of the difference aspects of Dr. Slone so well. All of the characters in Grey's well written and acted, but Dane in my humble opinion is the best at transitioning between the aspects of his character. I look forward to seeing more of Dane in Grey's and in other movies and television shows.
  • Steamy yes...but what about his bedside manner?

    McSteamy, McSteamy. On his first appearance on Grey's Anatomy I was like, "oh yes, some more man candy". But then we find out that he is Addison's 'other guy'. This doesn't really change it, but he sort of becomes the bad guy in my mind. Still, the scene with him coming outta the bathroom with just a towel (that is barely on) was pretty nice..and I'm glad that he is probably going to be around for a few more episodes at least. It's also interesting to see the parallel's between Korev and McSteamy. They seem to have the same bedside manner. Anyways, overall I think Eric Dane is a great actor...mainly because he looks great, but he also has a really good air on screen..and he interacts with the other members' of Grey's really well.
  • Handsome, charming, and a great actor!

    I think that McSteamy will finally get the recognition and the fame that has eluded him just like Patrick Dempsey nearly got passed up after being a teen idol to having GA revive his career.
    Eric is handsome, charming, and a great actor and hope to see for many more years to come.
    Glad to see him now as a regular.
  • Eric Dane is one of the all time greats, and he's very talented and should definitely get more roles for his talent!

    I think that Eric Dane is a very talented actor and his talents go unnoticed! sure were all glad when he got the role on Charmed and now that he's on Grey Anatomy were all very excited about his new role, but he is very talented and should be getting more roles. I hope that now since he is Greys Anatomy and X-Men 3: The Last Stand he will be more noticed and get lots of better roles in the future. Well he's been cast as a regular on this seasons Greys Anatomy, so that's awesome and who knows maybe he will stay on the show even longer than a season!!
  • Eric Dane is absolutely amazing!

    I have only ever seen Eric Dane in the recent episode of Grey's Anatomy that he was on but I am hooked! I can't wait to see more of this guy! He is absolutely the greatest looking guy in television in my opinion, no question! Plus he definitely seems to have a great deal of talent. I really hope I will start to see more of him on my television set because having the hottest guy in the world right inside my living room is something that just cannot be beat! I am totally in love with Eric Dane!! YEAH!!!
  • Hes so so sos so so so so so so FIT!!! I love Him

    hes so cute and im so jelous of alyssa milano she went out with him and her charactor phoebe from charmed went out with him i so wanna be her hes was fab in charmed and hes just so fit!!!!!!!!
    i love him i love him i love him I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great

    Although I have only seen him on Charmed I think that he is a truly talented actor and really seemed suited to play a sensible, sturdy boyfriend for Phoebe for once. Whilst the rest of the show was going completely crazy magically he managed to add a sense of calm and reason. He kept Phoebe grounded and made her grow up a bit.
    He always seemed to be able to convey an entire range of emotions - and when he and Phoebe finally broke up the mixture of anger, betrayal and sadness shown in his eyes made me well up too. He is definitely underrated.