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    • Eric: (on if he thinks he will get tried of McSteamy name) Ahhhhh, no. Thus far it never brought any sort of negative anything along with it. You know, we could go through and we could find a hundred parallels in other careers where they've transcended nicknames they've had in certain roles. Right now this is where I'm at, and I've been called a lot worse than "McSteamy." Trust me.

    • Eric: I was really into athletics in high school. I started by playing Joe Keller in All My Sons. I ended up cutting a water-polo season short, doing the play -- and realized instantaneously that this was all I'd wanted to do.

    • Eric: This is a selfish business. And you have to be a selfish person. I can't help but be honest. It's written across my forehead. The majority of things I do on a day-to-day basis are for me. That's the way it has to be in this work.

    • Eric: (On moving to Hollywood) I was fairly active socially. I felt at the time that that was more interesting than being an actor.

    • Eric: I think I'm very sensitive. I just try to leave my baggage at the door. I don't want to carry my stuff into a working environment with me and I expect that from other people. If they can't do it, though, I'm surprisingly understanding.

    • Eric: I've been in situations that could have been chaotic. So far, I haven't had to get involved in the kinds of politics that can make a project a war zone. You've got to choose your battles and choose them wisely. You're dealing with a lot of egos, a lot of extremely, extremely sensitive people" in commercial television production.

    • Eric: At the end of the day, you want to work with people you want to work with, regardless of what they've done. Being able to spend 15 hours on a set with somebody and enjoy every minute of it -- that's what it's really about.

    • Eric: A lot of actors bring themselves to a role whether they're conscious of it or not. Even if an actor 'loses' himself in a role, it's still very 'him.' Anthony Hopkins loses himself the way Anthony Hopkins would lose himself. You can't totally detach yourself, or there's no authenticity to it.

    • Eric: The person I am is who I am. My life is my career, my career is my life. Even my private life--if it and my career bleed together so be it.

    • Eric: (On the similarity between him and his character Mark Sloan on "Grey's Anatomy") We both shower daily! There are a lot of things in common, but just so your mind doesn't go in the wrong direction, it's not the infidelity and deceitful, backstabbing side of him.

    • Eric: (On his wife Rebecca Gayheart) (Life with her) has been wonderful. On a whim, we ran to Vegas and got married. We'd been together nine months and we just knew.

    • Eric: (on his "Grey's Anatomy" co-star) I don't feel any competition with Patrick [Dempsey]. But he keeps asking me when my calendar is coming out.

    • Eric: (About his ideal Sunday) Sleep in - for me, that's about 9:15 - make coffee, quiet my head, make an omelette for my girl and play music. I make a hell of an omelette. And I make great chicken soup too!