Eric Etebari

Eric Etebari


12/5/1969, Hollywood, CA

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Eric 'Kaos' Etebari, Eric Etebari
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  • Trivia

    • Eric is 6'3" tall.

      Born and raised in an artist complex in Hollywood, CA

      While a student at San Diego State University, Eric saved two women from a burning apartment fire. Honored by the San Diego Fire Department, he received a formal tribute and commendation for bravery.

      American born parents, linage, Austrian, French, Persian, Croatian descent.

      Owns a male rottweiler named Brando. Brando appeared with Eric in "Witchblade" episode 2x12.

  • Quotes

  • He takes Ian to a whole new level!

    I thought Eric Etebari was so great as Ian. He gave him a touch of shy innocence, deadly intent, love struck stalker, and warrior poet all in one. He always leaves me either cheering him on or doubtful as to if he's all there or not. I've seen him in a few other things but his part as Ian in Witchblade will probably always be my favorite one. He had the puppy dog look down pat, then he'd put the vulkan death grip down. Of course he's totally hot and I love his voice. I think I definately liked him better in the second season. Out from underneath the control of Ken Irons he seemed to mature, not all the way there yet, but actually kissing a girl. Never thought that would happen, I gotta tell ya. He stopped dressing like a lackey with his hair falling down around his bowed head, and got some great style. Designer suits that fit just right, very sexy hair, eyes you just want to stare into for the rest of your days. How could Pez resist that, huh? Girl must have problems. It wouldn't have been incest, all he had was some brain stems from her ancestor. I hoped for him, then the show ended. I really liked that show. Go Eric!moreless
  • Absolutely adored him as Nottingham on Witchblade. He was creepy, passionate, lost, engaging, and always on the edge of devotion and temptation.

    Nottingham in season one was spectacular. He was so protective of Sara and yet there were so many oddities that he had to overcome against his master. But how he reacted to Jake's installment into the White Bulls, the season finale, and so much more was crazy lovin. He is Nottingham. I can't imagine him playing any other role.