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  • Eric Fleming movie not listed "Curse of the Undead" released in 1959.

    Dracula goes West as a gunfighter (Michael Pate) and terrorizes a small Western town. After many innocent townsfolk are mysteriously killed, a brave preacher (Eric Fleming) goes on a mission to destroy the gunslinging vampire.
    When the gunfighter sets his fangs on a woman rancher (Kathleen Crowley), the preacher hunts down the vampire with a bullet engraved with a cross to finally destroy him.
    This review was copied from the back of the vhs movie. Rare and out of circulation until recently, you can now find it on vhs or dvd.
    If you enjoy watching Eric Fleming, you will want to add this to your library. I enjoyed this one more than Queen of Outer Space, and they are both very good classics.