Eric Johnson





8/7/1979 , Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Birth Name

Eric Johann Johnson




Eric was born on August 7, 1979 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. At age nine, his parents enrolled him in theatre school. During his youth, he landed several TV commercials. At 18, he began landing roles for small screen productions. His most famous role was playing the jock Whitney, love-interest to Lana, on the show Smallville. He was written off this show in early 2002 for storyline reasons. He nabbed a guest role part on the Canadian prime time drama, Falcon Beach. On Eric's 25th birthday, he married Adria Budd, whom he met while she worked as Annette O'Toole's personal assistant on Smallville. He previously starred in Flash Gordon, as the title character. Currently, Eric can be seen on the ABC/Global production Rookie Blue.
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