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  • Great Actor

    Eric's most high-profile role to American audiences (before Smallville) was playing "teen Tristan" in the Brad Pitt-starring film Legends of the Fall. Up in Canada, Eric played the lead in an award-winning film titled Scorn. Eric enjoys playing guitar, camping and playing basketball, football and baseball. He also recently directed a short film. For much more on Eric, visit Eric Johnson Web. Whitney left Smallville during the first season finale to enter the military. However, Eric returned for the second season episode titled "Visage." It's been a while since we've mentioned the late, great Whitney Fordman around here. The actor who played him, Eric Johnson, is still very alive and keeping quite busy doing a new TV series based on the classic comic strip Flash Gordon.
  • eric johnson is a pretty good actor, it was bitter-sweet when he left smallville.

    in my opinion eric johnson is a pretty good actor. he did good in the first season and him and kristin acted good together and had good on set chemistry. at first i was happy to see him go so that lana and clark could start dating each other but now they still have this clana thing going in season 6 and i think the writers should just kill her or send her on her way. i liked how him and cark started out not liking each other then they became friends in the end. i hope to see eric johnson in more shows to come, maybe even a movie.
  • Eric Johnson as Whitney Fordman added a great deal to Smallville. I've missed seeing him.

    Eric Johnson has an extensive resume of credits. I can't understand why he hasn't become a bigger star. His role as Joshua Steed in the upcoming "The Work and the Glory: A House Divided" may go straight to DVD since it is about the Latter Days Saints. He will have a starring role along with Jason Priestly in 2007's "Everest '82". I hope that this does Eric Justice. He has directed two shorts 2005's Fishbowl and 2002's Candy from Strangers.

    He played the starring role of Darren Huenemann, in 2000's "Scorn" Eric's role is based on a true story which occurred in the early Nineties in British Columbia. He wanted to have his mother and grandmother murdered so he could inherit their money.
  • Eww, not much of a fan.

    I didn\\\'t really like Eric Johnson. Only because I discovered him on Smalleville, and his character, Whitney, really annoyed me.

    He\\\'s a decent actor, I\\\'ll admit that, but he just doesn\\\'t do it for me. I don\\\'t like his hair on Smallville, it was just too 1980\\\'s Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell. And he didn\\\'t give off that jocky feeling that actors need to play a jock.

    I haven\\\'t heard of him working since Smallville, but I could see him making a career from acting, as he is alright.

    The reason I didn\\\'t like his character of Whitney on Smallville was because I\\\'m a major Clana shipper, and he just seemed to get in the way.

    Thank God he left!