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  • Eww, not much of a fan.

    I didn\\\'t really like Eric Johnson. Only because I discovered him on Smalleville, and his character, Whitney, really annoyed me.

    He\\\'s a decent actor, I\\\'ll admit that, but he just doesn\\\'t do it for me. I don\\\'t like his hair on Smallville, it was just too 1980\\\'s Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell. And he didn\\\'t give off that jocky feeling that actors need to play a jock.

    I haven\\\'t heard of him working since Smallville, but I could see him making a career from acting, as he is alright.

    The reason I didn\\\'t like his character of Whitney on Smallville was because I\\\'m a major Clana shipper, and he just seemed to get in the way.

    Thank God he left!