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    • Eric: When asked who his favorite Laker player is) Kobe. Just, the excitement he brings. He's capable of taking over. No one will be doing anything, so he'll just say, 'I'm going to take over. I have to do something to get these guys going.' Before, it seemed so selfish, with the early Kobe, but now it's a Kobe that everyone relies on. It was something I think, as a fan, you used to feel bad about. But now he has to kick it into sixth gear to get everybody else going. Just because he's capable of who knows what. That's why he's one of the most exciting players to watch. Also, because of the position he's playing, you're doing everything, you're slashing, you're shooting, you're defending.

    • Eric: I'm fortunate to have experienced skateboarding for 17 years and able to still be doing it to this day.

    • Eric: (When asked who would he spend one day with the most) It would be two people, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

    • Eric: Mentally I'm going to be a kid for life.