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  • AMC Amazing!

    As the owner of 1977 AMC Matador Coupe, I am always excited to see the use of AMC vehicles in various episodes! Matadors, Gremlins, and Pacers have been used in the series. I never miss an episode of Supernatural, and seeing AMC's just makes viewing that much more fun! May I extend an invitation to attend an AMC International Convention in Auburn, Indiana, July 18-20, 2013. Who knows, you might find a "hell of a great car" to use in an up coming episode!
  • Film or movie

    Why not make a movie(s) for Supernatural. They would be extremely popular.

  • Future talented writers will be referred to as "Kripke's"

    Bow down before his feet, and worship the man who created the series known as Supernatural. We're not worthy! The man is one of the most creative and talented writers/producers in television today. I am a big fan of his work. Kripke effortlessly blends sci-fi, fantasy, drama, suspense, and even comedy all in one nice package. And the best part is? It tastes great! Many show-runners are creative and talented, but few of them are as innovative as Kripke is. With each new season comes a plethora of new material unlike anything we'd seen in the previous season, but also maintains a sort of "originality" that defines the show in its entirety. He can write, he can produce, he can innovate. Because of his insight, Supernatural has evolved into something far greater than the original premise. Eric Kripke, do not stop what you are doing. It's not just young unmarried ice-cream lovin' women in their late 20's who watch your TV show. It's a variety of different people from all cultures and cliques. We love your show man. Don't stop now. Don't stop what you got. Don't stop 'til you find the sweet spot.
  • I appreciate the fact you, cast and crew are detail-oriented, creative and passionate for this project, which makes it a success.

    Eric, at the 2008 Comic-Con event in San Diego, I saw you in the hallway, prior to the panel, and tried to tell you how wonderful job you all do in "Supernatural". With a humble smile you thanked me (wow, I thank-you and the entire team!) I appreciate the fact you, cast and crew are detail-oriented, creative and passionate for this project, which makes it a success. With this show I was able to add some new perspectives in my acting. One of the episodes that made me aware of great acting and directing was the episode: "What is and what should never be", one of that you directed.Supernatural is a great show, and it's getting better and better (spicy)
  • *Bows down* We are not worthy!

    Kripke has changed the lives of so many people over the course of just a few short years. Ever since the Pilot aired of SN, he's drawn people into his world of hunters and demons and urban legends...Oh my! :lol: Not only did he create the best tv show there has ever been and ever will be, he's so dedicated to it and he's so loyal to his fans, it just makes this show all the more better. So, rock on Eric Kripke, you're totally awesome and all I can say is I don't know where I would be if it werent for you're show Supernatural! :D
  • The best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be.

    Where would would all Supernatural fans be without this man; Eric Kripke! His idea of a show about myths and urban legends has taken the world by storm! Not to mention... girls! The gorgeous Jared and Jensen have a big part to play with Eric's success. So i want to take this time to thankyou Eric Kripke! Every Supernatural fan would agree with me on this one! You are a great person, with a brilliant mind. I love your work, and I dont know what my life would be like without the wonderful show Supernatural!
    Keep this awesome show going for as long as possible! We all love it!