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  • Future talented writers will be referred to as "Kripke's"

    Bow down before his feet, and worship the man who created the series known as Supernatural. We're not worthy! The man is one of the most creative and talented writers/producers in television today. I am a big fan of his work. Kripke effortlessly blends sci-fi, fantasy, drama, suspense, and even comedy all in one nice package. And the best part is? It tastes great! Many show-runners are creative and talented, but few of them are as innovative as Kripke is. With each new season comes a plethora of new material unlike anything we'd seen in the previous season, but also maintains a sort of "originality" that defines the show in its entirety. He can write, he can produce, he can innovate. Because of his insight, Supernatural has evolved into something far greater than the original premise. Eric Kripke, do not stop what you are doing. It's not just young unmarried ice-cream lovin' women in their late 20's who watch your TV show. It's a variety of different people from all cultures and cliques. We love your show man. Don't stop now. Don't stop what you got. Don't stop 'til you find the sweet spot.