Eric Ladin

Eric Ladin


2/16/1978, Houston, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Eric Ladin


  • Eric Ladin in The Killing
  • Eric Ladin, Kristin Lehman, and Billy Ca...
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Eric Laden is a talented actor who has been fortunate to have obtained recurring roles in some of the best dramas on television. Even as a child, growing up in Houston, he knew he wanted to be a performer; particularly to make people laugh. He may be best…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Unfortunately he isn't physically distinguishable from so many other actors out there, but thats the only down side.

    He may not be a big star yet, but he should be, he has to be, he's in possession of the it factor, and every time he gets on screen in a drama setting he steals the show. For a perfect example of that one needs to look no further than his performance on Cold Case in the episode "Colors". His portrayal of a young man in the 1930's was spot on, while the actors around him were portraying a character from the era, he was that era, and just happen to be portraying someone during that time. It is a gift to be able to be compelling on screen, it is another different ability to be able to make you forget your not living in his era, and that he's never been to that era to study it.

    He's a natural, and just one role away from breaking through!moreless