Eric Mabius





4/21/1971 , Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Eric Harry Timothy Mabius




Eric Mabius was born in Pennsylvania of Irish and Austrian descent. Mabius began his career in 1995 with Welcome to the Dollhouse, an art-house movie which starred Heather Matarazzo, followed by I Shot Andy Warhol in 1996.

Before his film career took off, Mabius went to Sarah Lawrence College some time in the early nineties learning about film and other artistic aspects. Mabius was also involved in The Crow franchise on more than one occasion: He auditioned for a role as one of Top Dollar's henchmen in the 1993 original Crow and played Alex Corvis in The Crow: Salvation, the third installment. Mabius' biggest film role to date is his role as a cop in Resident Evil.

In television, Mabius has appeared on series such as The O.C. (in 2005), and was part of the cast of The L Word in its first season (2004), returning for an episode in each of the second and third seasons.

He currently (Autumn 2006) is featured in the TV series, Ugly Betty, which stars America Ferrera (produced by Salma Hayek and based on a Colombian telenovela called "Betty, La Fea" - "Ugly Betty").