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    He is not only so hot, but he's also very talented in every and anything he does. I think he could suceed and control anything and everything he set his mind to. I wish I knew him so I could tell him that face to face. I love him. He is so great and he's my icon. YAY! Anyway, he could rule the world if he wanted to. But he's a small and big actor. Half of the people I met know him and the other half say "who?" but I love him. I'm probably one of his biggeset fans ever. Now all I need to do is meet him. I LOVE ERIC MABIUS!
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    I never really became aware of this actor until I saw him on television's "Ugly Betty." But, now that I am aware of him, I can remember him from "The O.C." and a bunch of other so-so movies. The man is a decent actor, but hasn't really done that much to truly impress me.
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    Really love Eric a lot on the roles that he has portrayed
    Though he has been given the right role that should have or has made him a star as he is the more talented co-star
    And I hope that he does land a role in the not too distant future
    Saw him on CSI Miami and though he was a jerk on screen
    He was a jerk in a good kind of way!