Eric Martsolf

Eric Martsolf


7/27/1971, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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Eric Martsolf


  • Eric Martsolf as Brady Black  on Days of...
  • Eric Martsolf as Brady Black on Days of ...
  • Eric Martsolf as Brady Black on Days of ...
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Eric was born on July 21, 1971 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Eric graduated from Dickingson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with a BA in Political Science with honors in mass media politics and constitutional law. When Eric was not studying, he spent his time performing in rock bands, choirs, operas,…more


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  • i really enjoyed watching u on passions

    i really enjoyed watching eric playing the roll of ethan i wished ethan an teresa would finally get together the deseve to happy after all this time and i hope ethan catches the blackmailer.gwen needs to leave ethan an teresa alone along with her golddigging mother. ethan has always loved teresa i hope when he finds out about lil ethan it dont devestate him hes a good man
  • Eric Martsolf currently plays Ethan Winthrop on Passions.

    I have to admit that I've only recently warmed up to Eric Martsolf playing the role of Ethan Winthrop on Passions because I was such a big fan of Travis Schuldt, but I have to say that now I think that Eric is a very good actor and that he plays the part very well. I love how he has been portraying Ethan these last several months. I think it's kind of sad that I'm finally warming up Eric Martsolf when Passions is several months away from going off the air. Hopefully, Eric will get a role on another soap opera or some other TV show. Eric Martsolf really is a great actor, and I hope that he goes on to achieve great success.moreless