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  • Perception - Eric McCormack


    I so love this gone on to on demand to see any episodes that I missed. It is no longer on OnDemand. Please let this come back.

    I love Eric and his character. Tough task and he pulls it off seemlessly. I will be soooo disappointed if this program does not come back. It is different than the norm and so enjoyable! 100+
  • I love his character! He is so funny, I am an all time fan. Will & Grace is one of the best shows of all time.

    I love his character! He is so funny, I am an all time fan. Will & Grace is one of the best shows of all time. I do have one thing though, they are so quick, it's a little unrealistic, yet utterly hilarious. I just love it so much. Thank you god for this show!
  • Awesome Traveler

    Never seen Eric in this type of role!!! He is so awesome, would have guessed, saw him in a totally different light! AWESOME
  • empty

    I like this guy he is a absolutely perfect and magnificent actor. He is the funniest Canadian actor to ever live. I see him many great tv shows. My favorite role of him is Mason in tv show Trust Me. I also like him for his role in Will and Grace. He was also good for his role in hit cult film, Free Enterprise with William Shatner. People should meet him.
  • Handsome & Funny

    I first recognized Eric McCormack as the villian in the
    TV show of Lonesome Dove as the nemesis to the hero
    Newt McCall but really fell in love with him in
    Will & Grace as he is handsome and funny in the show
    Hope that he lands another role because he is talented
    Let's hope and pray that there won't be a Senfield curse
    Like on the four stars!
  • He is so funny and so hot! I just love him. He also has an amazing voice~!!

    Eric McCormack is just Fantastic!!! He is just such a great actor especially in will&grace.. as a straight men He plays a Gay man just perfect. He and Debra are amazing on screen! he is also very very very very hot! And he has such a great voice. Eric is very funny, very talented and I hate that will&grace came to an end! he is just amazing in everything that he does he is a wonderful actor and i hope that he will make a lot of movies later so that we still can see him and his wonderful acting!