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  • Bones is not Bones without our lil Zack

    Bone's & Zack were a awesome team. Eric, developed his character over the several seasons, and we all grew to love him so much. He does not belong in a looney lockup or jail for lying about what he did for Gorbigon, ok yea he stole teeth to make a set of dentures for Gorigon, so slap Zack on his wrist for that. All the replacements have not even come close to being Bone's sidekick Squint. Oh, he doesn't need a haircut to look professional in court, his bangs hair do was cool.

    Bring back Zack! Bring back Zack! Bring back Zack! Bring back Zack! Bring back Zack! Bring back Zack!
  • I LOVE this guy!

    Yes, Bones fans, it's true, no more Eric Millegan as the loveable Dr. Zack Addy. Although there is hope he may guest star in the future (fingers crossed.) The three years he had on 'Bones' he took total advantage of playing the genius, socially awkward Zack. He spent season one as Brennan's grad student and often made some inappropriate comments, displaying his immaturity. However, through the talent of Eric this character grew over his three seasons on Bones. The last episode of season three was by far Millegan's best performance on the show. Managing to squeeze a tear out of Zack Addy and make it look completly natural is not an easy thing to do. EM will no doubt be very much missed on Bones!
  • I'm going to miss my Zach!

    Over three seasons of Bones Zach became one of the most endearing squints. He was a cute little fellow with a nerdy personality but a nice heart, though not the most emotional fellow. He was polite in every sense of the word and amazingly intellegent, sometimes I didn't even know what he was talking about but he was Zach and we loved him. I'm so going to miss him next season on Bones and I hope we haven'y heard the last of him. Eric played the role greatly and made it shine, which is saying something because he was secondary in the cast (the show does esentially belong to Bones and Booth). But he did a lot with the role and left an impression on all of us, as evident by the back lash from the season 3 finale. We'll miss you Zach, we'll miss you Eric!
  • I Love this Guy (:

    I LOVE Him, he made Bones so good, i am really going to miss him on the show. but if he is still recurring throughout the episodes, i will still watch it, i screamed sooo loud when he came back on in the episodes of season 4 , i love him so much, his character was so good at acting, I LOVE ZAC ADDY. i will miss him, but hey at least he isn't dead which is a really good thing, because thats what they were planning to do. :/ i hope he does a different show too so i can watch him on that (: xD
  • he is so wierd in bones but a really good weird

    he is so goood i cant believe he is not in the show bones any more he sould come back i miss him so so so so so so so much he sould really come back i mean him and hodgins are both great he is just really really good but he is in the crazzy place and he did not kill anyone he just told gorbigone were to find the guy and i WISH sweets would tell bones and booth and he just tell zach that he did not tell and he would have guilt through the hole episode and zach would actually thank him when sweets admits to confessing for him
  • King of the lab

    O.K.,so zach didnt kill anyone,but,pointed the master in the right direction.well,i get it,they want to keep that revolving door ongoing on bones,fine,how lame really,but,zach can't be replaced.Fact=he is the king of that lab period.Not bones,I could do without her,but,I cheer in my chair every single time he enters the screen.Now the creators are doing what criminalminds,law and order ci are doing-ruing shows for no reason.I want answers to this odd occurance in primetime.Long live zach.I do like seely,hodkin,sweets,and the bunch, zach means lack of truly fun genius.thanx.Now i'm stuck watching reruns to get my fix.Why ruin greatness with a new character each week that we cannot even sit thru new episodes.Well,I do, hoping to see zach, if even for 2 minutes.
  • Bring back Zack!

    I so agree! Zack and Hodgins made the best team, they should really bring back Zack, he was funny and wierd! and he's much better than the replacements they've had on! Hodgins needs his partner back! Booth, Booth, Sweeds and Angela are all awesome too, but it has not been the same since they took off Zack and broke up the 'King of the Lab' duo!!! I can't wait for the new season to start, I know things are going to heat up for Bones and Booth, and I can't wait to see that, but they should bring back Zack
  • I cannot believe they took his character off !!!!

    Eric Millegan played Zack Addy extremely well. Zack is such a weird character and I imagine a hard one to play but Eric pulled it off and played him good. Zack was so funny, he didn't tell jokes but was so rational and didn't act anything like a normal person which made him funny. Why they picked him to be Gormogon is a mystery to me because now he is off the show besides an episode now and again. The writers could of done so much more with his character, I think it was a mistake but still I love bones and am a loyal fan.
  • wanna see him in every episode of coming season...

    He is a great actor. He really looks like and acts like a "nerd". He and Hodgins are unbelievably good and funny together. They have perfect chemistry. Thanks for the script writers to write such a nice character.
    At first he is not so much important but then he developed his character and became one of indispensible character in the show.
    And I was very sorry to not seeing him very often in last season. Although all of the interns were really good and funny, none of them filled his gap
    I hope to see him in every episode of the coming season.
  • I love him on bones. I totaly had hope after september 24ths episode of him returing later. Love him and Miss him....

    Eric millegan is one of the best actors i have seen in a while. He did an amazing job playing Zach Addy on the hit Tv Show Bones. at this point I have not seen him do very much but I Completly Love him. He is very missed on Bones. Eric made a name for him self when the show began, it was a great shame when the character suffered the fate at which he was giving. Hopefully the writers will correct thir mistakes and make things right and bring him back for good. All I know is that he is an excelent actor and I hope to see more of him
  • I love his charciler on bones

    Well I think he is a great actor bt i dont really like the musical he has been in.I rote a bo about his charciter as zack addy on bones,so here it is Dr.Zack Addy Somewhat robotic "boy genus" who graduated high school when he was 16.He just got his doctorate and he cut his hair so Cam(there boss)would hire him she said he didn't look "professional" enough so by by floppy hair,any way since he got his doctorate he couldn't be Bones' grad student assistant any more so now he has a full time job at the Jeffersonian.Zack had gotten blown up when Howard,a cereal killer who escaped from prison,cut his wife's head off while she was still alive and then put a bomb in her body and when Zack reached for some evidence the bomb's motion detectors felt it but nobody died or lost their memory due to a bonk on the head or anything like that,just scratches and bruises.