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  • I'm going to miss my Zach!

    Over three seasons of Bones Zach became one of the most endearing squints. He was a cute little fellow with a nerdy personality but a nice heart, though not the most emotional fellow. He was polite in every sense of the word and amazingly intellegent, sometimes I didn't even know what he was talking about but he was Zach and we loved him. I'm so going to miss him next season on Bones and I hope we haven'y heard the last of him. Eric played the role greatly and made it shine, which is saying something because he was secondary in the cast (the show does esentially belong to Bones and Booth). But he did a lot with the role and left an impression on all of us, as evident by the back lash from the season 3 finale. We'll miss you Zach, we'll miss you Eric!