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  • A crab boat captain that refusing to follow the crowd.

    Eric Nyhammer is a crab boat captain that refusing to follow the crowd, a trait that it both a blessing and curse for him and his crew, for in the course of the show it was showed that it was something that had aided them and hinder them. It is something that appeals to me, because I am the type of person that loves people that are rebellious in their nature and I even love more when their rebellious nature gains them fortunes.

    And while many fans of the show complained about his skills as being a Captain are a little lack when compare to the other captains, when he lets something go on, like when he let some of his young deckhands to fool around on the deck of his ship to the point where one of them did swing over the open ocean waters. But, I think he let them do it because he was in the same spot that they were in and just like them, he knew that telling them to stop what they were doing, wouldn’t do anything. That the only way that they were would learn is from doing and making mistakes, like he did.

    I think that his captain style is the way that it is because at his heart, Eric is an artist, that would be rather painting then fishing for crabs in one of the worst environments that a person can be at.
  • eric nyhammer

    i think that eric nyhammer is quite set apart from everyone else. i love his willingness to take such chances to find a bigger score, even though he don\'t always hit it he has the best outlook. he\'s quite sexy, a loner except with his crew, outgoing, and did i say sexy. i think he\'s quite a rebel and look forward to seeing more of him.