Eric Pierpoint





11/18/1950 , Redlands, California

Birth Name

Eric Pierpoint




Eric Pierpoint was born in Redlands, California in 1950 and is the middle of three children. His first brush with acting came as a child when he spent two days wandering around his neighborhood in character as Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet. Eric attended the University of Redlands (class of 1973) where he graduated and went on to graduate school at Catholic University in Washington, DC. Eventually Eric left the shelter of academia and entered "the business." He worked in every theater he could, appearing in "A Man for All Seasons", "MacBeth", "A Streetcar Named Desire", "The Magistrate", "Sly Fox", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and "The Hasty Heart". He was also in the American premiere of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". After Joseph he took a year and traveled with the National Players. They performed Shakespeare from the Atlantic to the Mississippi. In 1980, Eric moved to New York where his career began to take off in commercials. He starred in many commercials selling cars, copiers, beer, banks, and many other things. Those years of work lead to his breaking into the theater in productions of Dangerous Corner and The Gingham Dog. Then he got a part in Windy City. Then Hollywood called. Eric got a starring role in the series Hot Pursuit. Unfortunately, the series was canceled after thirteen weeks. He then moved into a recurring role on Hill Street Blues. From there he did the remake of the science fiction classic, "Invaders from Mars". After Invaders, Eric moved into doing guest appearances in episodic series like Beauty and the Beast and spent a year doing Fame. Alien Nation came along when his friend and the producer of Hot Pursuit, Ken Johnson gave him a call. Eric thought, "wonderful, James Caan was terrific in that part." Then Ken said, "I was thinking along the lines of the George character." Eric wasn't sure at first, but soon saw it as a great match. Since Alien Nation's cancellation Eric has been back doing episodic shows, as well as, the Alien Nation TV movies. He made two action pictures due out from independent film companies, "Midnight Man and The Stranger". Recently he was in the Shaquille O'Neal vehicle, "Steel", and the Jim Carrey hit, "Liar Liar".