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  • The Law firm

    The part you play for the show is Awesome
  • Related to Juila Roberts...

    for the longest time I didn't know that. But now it seems "well duh". Great actor/person. Love Dogs too.
  • Plays my Favorite DP character in my Favorite Episode.

    I Haven't seen much of his other voice roles, but I was amazed,in love with the way he played Phantom's voice in "The Ultimate Enemy", My Favorite Danny Phantom Episode. HE made us fans fall in love with it at first time we heard it- words cannot descibe how awesome he made htat voice. Thank you,Eric Roberts, for giving an undescriabley awesome voice to an awesome villian! I'm amazed by how he did the laugh, his voice never failed to amaze us and never dissapointed us for a second of acting! I enjoyed every single minute of his voice acting!He gave life to the voice of sexiness and doom which is jsut to aweosme,sexy, good,(the list goes on and on) for Eric Roberts' own good.
  • Best voice ever!

    I absolutely love his voice. He has the best voice I have ever heard. There's just something about it, it doesn't sound real. It's really good - I could listen to him talk all day. I first heard his voice when I was watching the Danny Phantom movie called The Ultimate Enemy. Eric did the voice of Dark Dan, who was Danny's evil older self. His voice was perfect! It sounded evil and sly. His laugh was even better, if possible. It sounded evil too, and it made it seem as if there would be no hope for the hero. I know Eric is also an actor, but I've never seen his act, so I can't really comment about that. He has to be pretty good, seeing as his little sister is Julia Roberts and his daughter is Emma Roberts.
  • He plays the voice of Dark Danny in Danny Phantom's The Ultimate Enemy.

    His voice was perfect for Dark Danny in Danny Phantom's the Ultimate Enemy. It had that dark side to it. It sounded deep and dark, making Dark Danny appear and sound like a really good evil villain. His voice was never overstressed in the episode, making Dark Danny sound smooth all the way, even in the most tense moments. Now that's an evil villain, showing very little emotion in the voice. He was that good in playing that role. Even his evil laughter was good. It's not easy to do as many think it is. His voice sends the chills down your spine and it stays in your mind.