Eric Sanchez (IV)

Eric Sanchez (IV)

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Eric, who works as a waiter and a bartender, has little experience traveling outside of the United States. A two-time NJCAA Track and Field All American in the pole vault, Eric describes himself as being athletic and outgoing. His biggest pet peeve about his teammate is that Jeremy won't take criticism.more


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    • Eric (On his toughest opponents): You know, honestly, you hear it a lot, but people…honestly for this race, it's the race course. I mean you can't really, looking at the team, so much luck is involved and making the right choice, the race is setup so that anybody can win. And having done it once, I already know that, so I didn't really feel like we had anybody to compete against except ourselves, and if we ran a good leg, if you run a perfect leg, you can't lose because somebody else is going to mess up.

    • Eric (On his favorite place to visit on the race): On the previous one I really liked Greece and Thailand and stuff like that. On this one, I liked Patagonia, I liked down in Argentina, I thought it was really pretty.