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  • I've seen his comedy and he had me in stitches. I remember seeing him on Star Trek Voyager as a wierd alien too. Then when he was dancing with Kim Wayans on In The House I thought this guy should have a show.moreless

    Sometimes you see soemone in a show and you just know the person is going to be a huge star. When I first saw Tom Hanks on Busom Buddies I knew he would be a giant. We all knew that about Robin Williams when he was Mork on Happy Days. When I first saw Eric Sharp on In The House with Cool J and Kim Wayans I could tell he would be coming into our living rooms forever. He just has that presence. I thought that was him on Wings as the 3 Card Monte Dealer but it was so different from his Benny character I couldn't be sure. This guy has range, timing, a rubber face and is funny. I saw him perform live once at the Ha Ha Cafe in North Hollywood and I was in pain from laughing so much. He did this bit about Peanut Butter and the Spice Channel that just cracked me up. I hope the networks give him a show. He could be the next Seinfeld.moreless