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  • Great actor.

    Plays a great gay man. Funny.
  • Great timing, great comedic talent and body language

    This man is super talented! His timing and body language are a hoot. This show is great, and I enjoy the same-sex couple tremendously. It's a bit cliche in the "gaiety, but the actors are comedic greats. I loved the show tonight where the two partners squabble about Cameron's over-the-top attempts at creating art films versus home movies. The red-haired uptight guy is uncomfortable with Cam's Spielberg-like film endeavors---Cam actually used a wind machine for dreamy effects. Cam is loveable, patient, theatrical and bright---as expansive as his sweetheart is emotionally constipated. He is a lovely soul with deep emotional reserves.
  • hilarious, dramatic, a joy to watch

    Eric is fun for the whole family to watch! He is perfect for the part of Cam. Best actor on the show I would say. Not one episode where he is not perfect. Eric adds a lot to Modern Family. Without Eric, I think that it really would be a 'modern family!' Eric is a joy to watch. I think that Eric's best episode was the one where the gardener had a wedding at his house. I've watched that one over and over again. I don't know any actors who even compare to Eric. Renew the show for 10 more years but don't fire Eric!
  • Classic show, funniest thing I have seen since Seinfeld.

    Stonestreet is fantastic. Has mad comic skills. Makes me laugh out loud and call people to share in my laughter. I think he is the best part of a GREAT show that is loaded with talent, and I give the writers all the credit in the world. I cant get enough of this show, Manny has a classic look and is an awsome child actor, he pulls off every look they give him and thats alot of looks. Phil boarders on over te top, but always manages to make it work, his best was with the hot neihbor when he got caught in the Bike episode. Sophia is the most beautiful woman I have seen in a while, and such a talent too. She is amazing beacause she is not just a beauty, but has comic ability and acting skills. H.O.T. (please marry me!) and Bundy has done a great job losing his old characters and building this new one, he works great with the kid and the Gays, such an anchor for these new talents. This is VERY funny stuff. Well done, keep it going.