Eric Stuart

Eric Stuart


10/18/1967, Brooklyn, New York

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Eric divides his time between voice acting and pursuing his career as an accomplished singer/songwriter. His released CD, Blue, Dressed In Black is produced by legendary guitarist Peter Frampton. Stuart has toured with Frampton and appeared as the opening act for such…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A phenomenal and very talented voice actor!

    Eric Stuart was a pleasure and a joy to hear in Pokemon. His Brock and James gave me tireless laughs and he did a superb job at making both serious when need be. The thing about Eric is that he has superb range and amazing voice acting skill! He's excellent as Brock, James, and Gourry, and he's my favorite Brock, James, and Seto Kaiba. He's in my heart as the best for those characters.moreless
  • The sexiest man of all time--in his looks, his voice, AND his music!

    Eric does as well as he can with 4Kids Entertainment, but the place is too confining to showcase his true talent. "Descendents of Darkness" and "Yu Yu Hakusho" gave him a little more freedom to show his stuff, but, as Eric himself would tell you--he is first and foremost a musician! The quality of his singing and songwriting far outshines anything else I have ever heard. It is obvious that he puts tireless dedication and God-given skill into every note and every word. His lyrics are so cleverly written that it boggles the mind how he was able to find so many rhetorical devices and weave them together into such a genuine and effortless sounding masterpiece! I saw his band live once and I am still awestruck. I can't begin to describe it, you'll have to listen for yourself! His MySpace page, and are a great place to start!moreless