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  • A phenomenal and very talented voice actor!

    Eric Stuart was a pleasure and a joy to hear in Pokemon. His Brock and James gave me tireless laughs and he did a superb job at making both serious when need be. The thing about Eric is that he has superb range and amazing voice acting skill! He's excellent as Brock, James, and Gourry, and he's my favorite Brock, James, and Seto Kaiba. He's in my heart as the best for those characters.
  • The sexiest man of all time--in his looks, his voice, AND his music!

    Eric does as well as he can with 4Kids Entertainment, but the place is too confining to showcase his true talent. "Descendents of Darkness" and "Yu Yu Hakusho" gave him a little more freedom to show his stuff, but, as Eric himself would tell you--he is first and foremost a musician! The quality of his singing and songwriting far outshines anything else I have ever heard. It is obvious that he puts tireless dedication and God-given skill into every note and every word. His lyrics are so cleverly written that it boggles the mind how he was able to find so many rhetorical devices and weave them together into such a genuine and effortless sounding masterpiece! I saw his band live once and I am still awestruck. I can't begin to describe it, you'll have to listen for yourself! His MySpace page, and are a great place to start!
  • Voice acting at its best.

    Eric Stuart voices some of my favorite characters of any show. Brock, James, and Kaiba. He IS Brock's voice, and James' voice and Kaiba's voice. He has to be one of my favorite voice actors. He makes the characters he voices come to life, and I cannot find many ways he can improve. He is also great at voicing a wide range of characters, and making them all sound different. I didn't know James and Brock were the same voice actor until I checked. Few voice actors are on Eric Staurt's level, and hearing his work on Poke'mon and Yu-Gi-Oh! is a privilidge.
  • A good voice actor.

    Eric Stuart is a great voice actor; he is very talented! In my opinion, he is the only one that could voice Brock and James perfectly. He also makes good voices for Pokemon, such
    as Squirtle, Weezing, Lickitung, and many, many others.

    It honestly sucks that 4Kids lost the rights to dub the show with the good voice actors. I feel bad for Eric, that after all the hard work dubbing hundreds of episodes and a few movies, he just gets kicked to the crub. Replacements, such as Billy Beach and Bill Rogers, just can't replace the voices the Eric Stuart does.
  • empty

    He is a fantastic singer and songwriter and also has a good voice on him. I love all of his songs and havwe all of his cds. I also adored hi mas james on pokemon. It is truly an honor to be his fan and friend.
  • Eric Stuart is a man with some good voice acting talent.

    Eric Stuart is recognizable in both anime shows and the music industry. In the music part he has opened up for Peter Frampton, formed his owned band ESB or the Eric Stuart band, and has written and sold songs and cd's. On the anime side he has been recognized for voicing Brock, James, Seto Kaiba, Meta Knight, and many others. Eric Stuart has actually directed some of the episodes and movies he has been in. Eric Stuart has a great voice which can change from raspy to deep voiced or even just regularly. While most character voices he does sound like other ones he does Eric Stuart does have talent. I can only give him a nine however because he often recycles his James voice or any voice he does way too often with his characters. Overall however, he has a widely diverse range of talent and is a good voice actor for 4Kids Entertainment.
  • Eric Stuart is a voice actor for 4KIDS Entertainment!

    Eric Stuart is a very talented voice actor for 4KIDS Entertainment and has done many characters over the years. He voices at least three characters in Yu-Gi-Oh!/GX [Generation NeXt] Those characters being Seto Kaiba, Bastion Misawa and Kaibaman: The Dueling Spirit that Duels Jaden Yuki using a replicate of Seto Kaiba's deck! He also voiced Brock and James on Pokémon.
  • He does a great job providing voices in anime.

    Eric Stuart voices Seto Kaiba in "Yu-Gi-Oh!" and Bastion Misawa in "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX." I don't know of anything else he does, but he does do great in these two shows, and he has a great voice. I think he voices Seto Kaiba the best out of the two. He is very talented, as well. I hope that Eric Stuart starts to voice non-anime characters some time, too. Overall, a talented anime voice actor.
  • He's rockin' -- Litterally!

    I love Eric Stuart. I love his work at 4Kids Productions and I love the Eric stuart Band (ESB). If you don't have his CDs, you should definitely get them (check or! His voice is easily recognizable and he does good at whatever he does. He rocks. There're no two ways about it.
  • One of the best voice over actors yet

    He does all the anime characters just like they should be. My persoanl favorite is Kaiba, his voice fits perfectly with his attitude. Its amazing on how if you right just the right person to do an voice it makes all the difference. Keep up the good work. He is one of the best voice over actors yet.
  • Love his voice

    Ufairly divine voice. I love all of the voices that he comes up with and each of the characters that he plays ends up becoming my fave on the show, before I\'m certain that its him playing them. Great diverse voice. Love him and am planning on getting his Cd
  • He's got the sort of voice a girl can dream on and he always ends up with the characters girls can't help but dream about!

    I used 'Gorgeous' although I have no idea what he looks like because 'Dreamy' isn't an option. Eric Stuart has the sort of commanding voice perfect for Seto Kaiba, yet he is able to add the perfect amount of warmth to create the lovable Brock. Stuart never fails to create "dreamy" characters with that masculine, rusty voice of his. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it! ;)
  • Eric Stuart played the voice of quite a few popular charaters in shows such as Yu-Gi-Oh\'s own Seto Kaiba, Pokemon\'s Brock and James, Kirby\'s Right back at ya\'s Meta Knight even the voice of Kemo in Yu-Gi-Oh! and narrator in One Piece.

    Eric Stuart is a great voice actor
    He does a great job playing different roles
    He plays of course everyones fav loner Seto Kaiba and a girl crazy guy brock from pokemon
    He also played Kuronue from the YYH movie
    He works hard he also has a musical carrer as well
  • Has a diverse voice

    Looking at the roles he plays in, Eric Stuart has a very diverse voice. I would never had guessed that Brock Harrison(Pokémon), Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh), and Meta Knight (Kirby: Right Back at Ya) was the same person speaking in their part. Its quite intersting to see him act in many famous shows.
  • Plays great characters on anime.

    He has many great roles. He plays Brock on Pokemon. Brock is a funny character who is just crazy over girls. When he sees a girl, he just runs over to flirt with them. Eric does a great job at playing Brock. He also plays Kaiba on Yu-gi-oh. It is just amazing how Eric captures Kaiba's grudge against Yugi for being the king of games. I just love it when I hear Eric saying, "I summon Blue Eyes White Dragon!" There is a new yu-gi-oh series called Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. I hope Eric plays Fubuki who's key card is Red Eyes Black Dragon.