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  • Eric on the show

    I don't know what his name is on the show, but a couple times he says his family is Norwegian in some episodes.... A friend I went to Scandinavia with; a guy who is Polish(American) reminds me of him but I would not have guessed his national origin. That"s what I wanted to find out. My friends name was Greg...

    Sweden captured Poland in the 8th century. He went on to have a large family of like 13. Things are still very turbulent in that area of Europe. I went home after my studies. I ran out of money. The bars were so expensive in Sweden. Lets hear it for Carthage all you people from Milwaukee!! Of course You could CSI a crime scene!! I wish I could act. I can't even behave. You rock Eric. Perfect person for the role.
  • He's silly!

    His face looks so off the mark in comparison to the other CSI's, but he brings wit, a sweet, caring personality, and an exclusive character role to the CSI family. Perfecto! He is good in the lab and on site, which is hard to do for someone so young. Job well done picking him to act!
  • He brings the L-O-L in CSI.

    I loved the way he brought he results to Grissom and the others in CSi when he was a lab rat in seasons 1 through 4. I was always funny watching him dance around in his lab or say something with real knowledge and/or experience and do it in a funny manner. Lol, I loved the one scene in <i>The Rules or Attraction</i> where Eric figured he scored and was about to get laid with that hot drunk girl, only to have her pass out on him. What a nussiance lol.

    I've seen trailers for True Vinyl and I really wanna see it now. Eric plays the lead character and it looks really good, even if the plot's clichéd. lo, it's just to see Eric in his boxers ^_^
  • i love him!

    i love him i tink he is great and should be doing more than jus c s i!
    he is a great actor
    i love him i tink he is great and should be doing more than jus c s i!
    he is a great actor

    i love him i tink he is great and should be doing more than jus c s i!
    he is a great actor
    i love him i tink he is great and should be doing more than jus c s i!
    he is a great actor
    i love him i tink he is great and should be doing more than jus c s i!
    he is a great actori love him i tink he is great and should be doing more than jus c s i!
    he is a great actor
  • Eric Kyle Szmanda

    Eric Kyle Szmanda was born July 24 1975 in wisconsin. He is ok looking. He is not my favorite actor but he is good. He is right now playing Greg Sanders on CSI as a lab rat moved to the field. No offense but i liked him better in the lab because he was way more funny and now he isnt. Eric is also in a production called doop. He is on a kick ball team with co-star Jorja Fox. Eric is also Friends with Marylin Manson and appeared in one of his music videos. He is a very good actor but all of the movies that i have seen him in are not very good.
  • Eric Szmanda brings much to CSI

    It is so funny that I write a review on this man because I normally don't like someone that I've only seen on one show but there is something about him that drew me in. In CSI, when I first saw him, my first thought was 'Nerd!' but that didn't detour me because I was a geek in school. But after I watched him more and more, I realized that it was his brain that was the actual turn-on for me. Not that many people are that hot and have that kinda brain in their heads.

    Plus, he looks like such a 'boy next door' type which is totally refreshing. It's nice to see that shows are bringing in more and more people that seem to fit the 'average joe' profile.
  • great great great actor.

    I don't think he is the hottest actor out there but he is amazingly hot and I really love watching him on tv. He is a great CSI and He plays the part of Grag Sanders really weel on the show CSI. He is lucky to be on a good and high ranked show like that though. But he deserves it. So yea he is a really hot and he is a really amazing actor and I hope to see him on more shows than just CSI. But CSI Isn't ending yet so i dont know. but yes he is a good actor. go Eric.
  • The one and only!

    There is no one that can play Greg Sanders other than Eric Szmanda. It's like he fits the character so well. I know because he's an actor he's supposed to but whenever I hear the name Greg I automatically think of him. I am so glad that he spoke to the guys who make CSI cos now we get to see more of him. I look forward to thursday nights when i sit down and watch him on my tv. Don't ever leave CSI because the show wont be as good without you in it. Keep up the good work. You are amazing and truly inspirational.
  • Not usually one to trump about how fabulous I think an actor is but....damn, this guy is fine!

    Eric Szmanda, where to start? I think I should begin by stating that I think this guy is an incredibly talented actor. He was left in the background for much of Season 1 and 2 of CSI (he plays Greg Sanders), and yet he still managed to become one of its most favourite characters (that headdress scene in season 1 anyone?). The producers finally realised this and made him a permanent fixture by finally putting him in the opening credits. Yet, for much of Season 3 and 4; they still made him very much the comic relief of the show (Play with fire being the exception to this). By season five, however, they had finally realised just what he was capaple of and started given him more wmotional depth (showing how affected he was by the child's death in No Humans Involved and the burned woman in Spark of Life). But it is Season 7 in which he has really begun to shine with the story lines from fannysmacking and Post Mortem giving him serious acting credibility. I think he's definitely one to watch.

    I also want to add (this is the ditsy bit so stop reading if it's not your thing!) that I think he is the hottest thing on TV and I'm not usually impressed by TV/movie stars!
  • I would love to see more of him in other shows.

    Although I do love Eric playing Greg in CSI and am one for singing his praises. I do think he is a very talented actor. Seeing some of his other movie's he did when he was younger he has that same cheeky humour that make's one smile

    I think that it is not about the line's he is given, speaking from CSI point of view, but the way he put's them accross. The expression's of dismay, disgust, surprise and them looks most people love when he's made to look stupid. His blushes and the way he make's greg into something which someone else could make into nothing.

    Greg is my personal favourite character cause he reminds me that not everyone has to be a total smart A** to be a CSI. He brings some reality to the show in his mistake's and his mast list of hobbies, and eric playing him, make's him candy for all the girl's. (lol)

    I would love to see him in other show's because I think the charm of the way Eric come's accross in Greg is part of him too and bringing this to another character would be nice.

    Although I cannot see him heading his own show. I think he will always be the co-star that all the girl's fall in love with.
  • Words can not describe my feelings.

    Ever since my first episode of CSI. I have always loved Eric. I laughed out loud and thought. "Man this actor is tremendous. He makes a serious show funny" Thursday's were a tremendous day because I got to watch CSI not only for the crime scene but also for Eric's tremdous acting job. One day I was feeling horrible and borrowed season 2 from a friend and began to watch and by the end of the first episode I was already laughing on floor and so many people thought I was insane. By portraying a funny character, the seriousess that he can show just makes it 10 times better becasue it is unexpected.
  • He is soooo Cute!!!

    I think that CSI needs Eric to play Greg, for the comic relief. He is so cute and he does such a great job in CSI, i think that without him the show wouldn't be as funny. Some shows get too serious, and CSI would do that if Eric played Greg any differently. He is also soooo cute, and defenitly deserved being one of the hot guys of CSI in the TVguide magazine. The way Eric plays Greg is unique, and Makes CSI what it is today, making it the show we love to watch. After all, if it was all work and no play, it would be boring.
  • Eric Szmanda has a gorgeous smile, nice eyes, and is totally hot. But the best thing about him is his fantastic talent and obvious ambition. He plays Greg Sanders on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

    Eric Szmanda plays Greg Sanders on the hit show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Originally, the character was not a recurring role, but writers, as well as viewers, liked Greg so much that he soon became a series regular. Eric Szmanda plays the role beautifully, and his character had, for the most part, been a big part in the "lighter" side of the show. Ever since, Greg switch from the lab to the field, Szmanda has been getting more and more screen time. Which, for his many fans, is just one more reason to watch CSI and also check out more of Szmanda's movies, such as The Net. Here's to hoping that Eric's career is just beginning. Cheers!
  • After seeing his role on CSI I was determined to watch everything he starred in. Has a way of amusing the viewers no matter what--- who knows if he even tries to? It works, either way, and that's all that matters to me.

    Of course, the fact that he's, in his own way (a way I like!) attractive, helps too. But if you overlook the actual physical appearance (hard these days for most, but with someone like him, definitely possible!) you will see a very talented actor with promise. Regardless of works in the past, which I have no idea how that went, you have to see he's doing good just by his performance in CSI. Originally, I got introduced to his "works" by playing a CSI game--- and since in the game, you have to interact with the virtual character of Greg, it means you see him a lot. The character alone was charming, and it makes you want to watch the show and play more CSI games. Even if all of his previous works sucked (keep in mind, I have no idea, and it might have been very successful--- just saying that to get across a point) CSI alone would make me a huge fan of him, just because he has probably one of the best characters on the show. And, he plays him well.
  • I could just hug him all day long! He seems like such a sweetie, and I L-0-V-E his role on CSI.

    Eric Szmanda. I think he's 31, but I'm not quite sure. I should know though.
    Anyways, I think he is such a great asset to the show CSI.He really knows how to spice up a show. Everyone knows his one-liners as "Greg Moments." He is truly hilarious. When the case is serious and stressful, we can always count on his character Greg to make everyone laugh, or be weirded out by something strange that he says. Like when he started talking about his Papa Olaf and hydraulics. :P That was funny, yet strange, just like his character. I think the show would most definitely have less viewers if it wasn't for him and his crazyness. :)
  • well its greg! hehehe um eric hes cute

    well eric ive only seen him in csi but when i did i was like whoa whos he? he looks so young compared to all these other csi people. its so funny how the other csi agents make fun of him...saying hes a csi wannabe, so he gets stuck with the lab work and never does the work outside the lab like colecting the evidence and examining the crime scene so its pretty sad but funny! like the time he was wearing this dead womans showgirls hat..:] hes awesome so i hope that we could all see him more in the future of csi.
  • Eric Szmanda portrays Greg Sanders.

    Eric is so SXY!! & vry vry GORGEOUS!! He is a very talented actor, a charming guy & just so sweet. Not only can play the funny/goofy role, but he knows how to be serious. He is just so talented & portrays his character very well. Hez a cutie in a lab coat.
  • Currently playing Greg Sanders on CSI, the almost 31 year old is increasing in talent and progressing up the ranks of the CSI's.

    Well, we all know there are many people who admire Eric Szmanda, he's talented, underplayed in CSI and an all round quirky kinda guy. Who wouldn't wanna meet him? He plays up Greg Sanders comic relief and quirky nature well in the show and most likely in the real world too. It's been said before he has the most normal character of all, and with great relief i can say i don't believe a word of it! He's shown his worth and i hope he will continue to do so long after even CSI, and he shows he is more than capable of doing serious as well as a joker.
  • What to say about Eric Szmanda? The list goes on and on... Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I've only been priveleged to see Mr. Szmanda in CSI. I know he's done other work and if anyone would like to get me copies, they will be much loved...

    Eric Szmanda is so completely talented. Just like another one of my favorite people, James Marsters, Eric has taken a smallish part on CSI, and through his charming personality, talented acting, ability to knock one-liners out of the ball park, (of course) his gorgeousness, and also some help from the amazing writers of this show, he has managed to turn this character into a one-man phenomenon. It really does take more than looks to do this. We've seen Greg progress from DNA guy to getting added to the main credits, to a full-fledged CSI member and he has managed to evolve his character beautifully through all of it.

    He really allowed us to believe in this wacky character, so we would have no trouble believing that Greg could scuba-dive, steal his date's epithelials, dig liquid latex, and own a coin collection. Eric was also able to give us some great moments, such as the quiet sadness in Season 3, Episode 22-Play with Fire when he was injured in the lab explosion and also the deep compassion in Season 5, Episode 18-Spark of Life when he came across the badly burned victim. Eric really captured the hearts of audiences and I don't think there was a single person that wasn't rooting for him to pass his final proficiency.

    Why do so many people love Eric Szmanda? Why the hell not? What is not to like about him?

    Whether you enjoy the marker-nose, showgirl-headdress-wearing, crazy shirt, spiky-haired DNA Greg or the blazer-sporting, case-toting, film-noir-projecting, floppy-haired CSI Greg, they are both equally lovable and both excellent examples of the brilliance that is Eric Szmanda.
  • SOOO funny and sweet.

    Eric Szmanda is such a huge part of why I love watching CSI! I think that he has some of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard. He is great at carrying out the hilarious and witty lines week after week for six seasons now. His best performance was in the CSI episode “Rashomama” I couldn’t stop laughing. He is really good at the dramatic performances in CSI as well, for instance in the episode were the lab blew up I felt so bad for him. All in all he is my favorite character on the show and it would not be the same thing without everything he brings to it. He also has really great hair as well.
  • This guy is too hot for tv!

    Not only is he hot and sexy, but he's extremely talented! I love the way he brings a certian type of funkyness and cuteness to his characters!
    He is the best person to play Greg Sanders! They could never replace Eric Szmanda, if they did I bet many people would stop watching CSI. I'm not sure if I'd stop watching.
    I think he deserves to be in big budget movies like, mission impossible: 3 or something crazy like that! That would be awesome! Seeing Eric Szmanda as the main character in mission imposible: 3. Doing all those stunts...... *day dreaming* Oh sorry were was I? Oh yeah that's right! You can't deny that Eric Szmanda has great acting talent! And don't you dare disagree with me! If you haven't seen him in a show yet, I suggest you check out CSI. We could always use more CSI fans! You gotta be crazy if you hate him! He's just to adorable! ;D
  • Eric Kyle Szmanda was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is an actor who has appeared in many films and television series as well as appearing on stage in numerous plays.Especially known as Greg Sanders in CSI.

    AHH i love em (like millions of other)i love him cause of being on CSI his caracter is amazing and he is an incredible actor like amny others but he is far the best and gorgeous!!
    I think that there was actors like him around we would never go short of someone to watch he is really good.Ihave not yet seen him in any fims or plays but the CSI:crime scene investigation programme is great and one of my favourites and if you have not yet seen it i advise you do so cause it is a show to look for.Also if then you do watch it look out for Greg Sanders!
  • He is just the MAN!! Awesome, handsome and gorgeous :D Talented and so funny!

    He is just the greatest! I would never imagine the show without him, nor would I like it to be another actor :D
    I love how he always makes funny sounds on the CSI show, He was a geeky sweetheart on the net and I love his hair. He should make an add campaign for something that we get to see everyday, RayBan maybe? :D

    peace :D
  • He's just the best!!!

    Eric has awesome acting skills and personally, I think he's the HOTTEST guy in the universe! I don't see why he hasn't had more acting roles, but I guess since he's got CSI and all, he hasn't got much time. I still think he should be discovered more, since most people still think he's the lab tech.
  • The hot Labrat

    I love Eric, hes is one of the reasons I watch CSI. He is a great actor, im kind of sad he doesnt have the funky hair anymore though, its become quite a mop, but hes still the witty comic releif of CSI. and it seems as though he and Sara have somthing going on
  • Hottttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! Unique, refreshing, and great to look at!

    He has the abilty to bring life to a show like C.S.I. that evolves around dead people! You have to have talent to do something like that. Whenever, I see him it makes me smile and think wow this show really does have it all. By far he is my favorite character on C.S.I. and trust me I love everyone on that show so he should be flattered that he's my favorite! :*
  • Hottttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!! Unique, refreshing, and great to look at!

    He has the abilty to bring life to a show like C.S.I. that evolves around dead people! You have to have talent to do something like that. Whenever, I see him it makes me smile and think wow this show really does have it all. By far he is my favorite character on C.S.I. and trust me I love everyone on that show so he should be flattered that he's my favorite! :*
  • Cutie in a lab coat!

    Eric Szmanda definitely wins the award for cutest lab-rat-turned-CSI! He's always cracking a joke or making me laugh unintentionally! I just love him to death! He not only can play the funny/goofy role, but he knows how to be serious. If he can't have his owns how, then I'll settle for more scenes with him in them!
  • An very charming guy with a gorgeous hair! He is just so loveli both in hes look and how he is as a person. Love him!

    I really likes him, he is a good acter and he i just so sweet!
    He´s just cut for this role in CSI as Greg Sanders, you really falls in love with how he is.
    And his hair! It just so sweet, atleast whem he has it upwars with hairgele, you know...
    Well that was all from me... Much love to you all!
  • Eric is sooo hot, he is the coolest lab scientist i have ever known so, i have to say GO GREGGO!!!!!!!!

    Eric is soo hot, i love him for ever and for always, I wish if i become famous i can meet him one day cuz he is my all-time IDOL, i want to work as a forensic scientist and i have always loved science so i just have to say that i love the show and everyone on it
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