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  • Eric Winter is most well known for playing the role Rex Brady on Days Of Our Lives.

    Eric Winter is an extremely talented actor. I first became familiar with Eric when he joined the cast of Days Of Our Lives as the character Rex Brady. Rex quickly became my favorite character on the show thanks to Eric's brilliant portrayal of the role. Eric is so good at playing characters that come across as not always being completely sane. When Eric left Days Of Our Lives, I lost a lot of interest in the show. I have been trying to catch Eric in other projects since then, and I was thrilled when I found out the other day that he's going to be on Brothers & Sisters since that happens to be one of my favorite TV shows. I really hope that Eric is going to be a part of the main cast for Brothers & Sisters, and I hope to see Eric in many more projects in the years to come. Eric Winter is an amazing actor, and I really hope that he goes on to achieve great success.
  • Eric is the hottset guy in daytime television.And I think that he always will be.

    Eric is my favorite actor on Days Of Our Lives.His character Rex DiMera/Brady was my favorite boy on the show. And I watch everything and anything with him in it.He is a very talented actor and I know he will go far in his acting career.And I hope he will go back on the Days for a while because he was so good and he is part of one of the main familys in Salem.
  • Simply Gorgeous, and divorced.

    Simply Gorgeous.

    There is a ton of misinformation, but since I am not rated at level 2 yet I can not send in profile edits.

    but here goes.... via this way
    1) Divorced. Been divorced. Allison filed for divorce from Eric way back in 2004. it has been finalized.

    2) Yes born July 17th 1976 which makes him 29 as of his last birthday (people sure need to go back to math class with the whole 31, 28 thing)

    3) No longer on Days of Our Lives

    4) Appearing in a new sitcom on the UPN LOVE, INC. september 22 2005 9:30 pm Thursday night. Eric will be in the first episode and have a recurring character.

    again...........simply GORGEOUS!!!!
  • I love him he's so awsome!!!

    Eric is such a good actor and hollywoods hottest!!!! I never miss a days of our lives episode, and i even had his picture on my 16th birthday cake!!!! as well as my computer he's such a good actor and i would LOVE to meet him some day....(hopfully soon I wanna be an actrss when i finish school!)