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Erica Dasher


Houston , Texas

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Erica was born in Houston, Texas and graduated from highschool there in 2004.

Erica has done some work in film and tv but it was her role as Jane Quimby on the ABC Family show, Jane By Design that has garnered her a wider audience and fame.


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    • Erica: (on her character Jane) I think she's never felt like she fit in, in school. I can relate to that. I never felt like I fit it. And I think there's a lot of pressure to do that as a teenager. You want to be unique, but you don't want to be ostracized, and I think sort of straddling to those two worlds and also becoming an adult and still being a kid and dealing with your parents. Jane doesn't have that as much because she has a brother. She just lives with her older brother. So I think there are just a lot of gray areas in high school and I think that's what makes it difficult.

    • Erica: I did do the first season of Jersey Shore. I love. I think the first season of any reality show is always the best. They don't know what they look like on camera yet and they haven't really developed personas so the first season of any reality show is typically fun.

    • Erica: (on her character Jane) I think she's a really genuine person. I don't think that she has any airs about-obviously she's lying about her age in order work in the fashion industry, but I think she's really vulnerable. She makes a genuine effort to do the right thing and to help out and is willing to take on any challenges. I think that's where her likeability lies and that she is not an inauthentic person at all.

    • Erica: (on Nicholas Roux) Nick is so much like his character Billy on the show. He really treats women like they're princesses. He's such a wonderful friend. When I was broken on the pilot he would carry me around. We would have very long days sometimes where we were shooting 14-hour days. I code red for chocolate around 3 p.m. every day and he'd bring me a piece of chocolate. So he's great. He takes very good care of all of us.

    • Erica: (on going to Paris for Jane By Design) Eventually we go to Paris. I was really happy we got to go. It was awesome because we ended production there. We did three or four days of shooting in Paris and then production left and I stayed for five days on my own and wandered around the city. It was an incredible way to end my first job.

    • Erica: (if there was instant chemistry between her and the cast of Jane By Design) Yes, actually I was cast first and our creator, show runner, and network had me come in and read with all of the other characters. So they really wanted that chemistry to exist with Billy and me, and with my brother and me. So I think that was a really smart thing that they did to go through that process and make sure that we connected from the very beginning.