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  • There is no better actor in this world that could play the part of Lois Lane better than Erica Durance that's acting at it's best & to top it up she's gorgous & has a superb sense of humour onscreen that makes her so enjoyable to watch

    Would love to see more of Erica Durance in future movies to come such acting needs to be seen more on movie screens,not only gorgous but talented wich from my point of view gives Erica a rating of 10/10,would love to know what was the insperation of becoming such a superb actress.Smallville only got intresting when Lois(Erica Durance)came into the picture for sum reason everything fell into place,especially when Lois & Clark became a match made in heaven,enjoy when lois handles things her way or should i say kick booty,without Lois thers no Clark & no hope to save the planet.