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    • Erica's hobbies are jogging, weight training, kick boxing, yoga, kayaking, surfing and snowboarding.

    • Erica once kissed two different girls for a movie audition.

    • Playing the lead role of Julie, Erica had a sex scene with co-star Eric Lively in the 2006 movie The Butterfly Effect 2.

    • To prepare for her role in the Smallville episode "Exposed" where she played a stripper, Erica trained with a friend who is an exotic dancer.

    • Erica says the craziest place she ever had sex was in Paris, on a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

    • Erica loves being a step mom, is very close to her step son and wants to have her own kids someday.

    • Her favorite Superman actor is Christopher Reeve and favors Tom Welling over Brandon Routh. Erica is a big fan of the Christopher Reeve Superman films.

    • In a Supergirl comic, a poster of Erica Durance can be seen in the bedroom of Superboy.

    • Jeph Loeb, a former writer for Smallville, is good friends with Durance and had a hand in her getting the role of Lois Lane. They stayed friends even after he left the show. She is also very good friends with her Smallville co-stars Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk.

    • In 2006, Erica Durance and Jeph Loeb co-hosted the WWC: Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund Charity Auction at the Wizard World convention in Chicago, with all the proceeds going to the Sam Loeb College Scholarship Fund. Erica also refused the offer of $15,000 for her appearance, and instead donated the money towards the auction, which raised $72,000.

    • She has a phobia of birds. Erica also has a great fear of water and has yet to do many scenes involving water on Smallville.

    • Smallville co-creator Al Gough said he was "blown away" when he first met Erica Durance.

    • Her workout regimen consists of light weight training at least thrice a week, cardio, weightlifting, and yoga for at least 1 and 1/2 hours to 2 hours. She generally relies on high protein and low carbs/fats for her diet.

    • Erica considers her family to be her most important asset.

    • Erica loves singing and is a trained singer.

    • She accidentally punched a stunt man in the face during the filming of Lois Lane's fight scene in the Smallville season six finale.

    • Erica says that she can't resist potato chips and Mexican food.

    • Favorites:
      Lois Lane actress - Margot Kidder
      Smallville episodes - "Lucy", "Spirit", "Arrow", "Combat", "Siren"
      Books - Harry Potter
      Authors - Jane Austen, Ellen Montgomery
      Comic Book Character - Lois Lane (even before she was cast for the role on Smallville)
      Movies - BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth, The Lord of the Rings, Underworld, Trainspotting

    • Erica once pitched the first ball at a Toronto Blue Jays game.

    • Erica was one of the three girls in a Kokanee Beer commercial.

    • Durance just laughs off the rumors of cosmetic surgeries. She claims that her body is all natural and is the result of the hard work she does in the gym like running on the treadmill and all the broccoli she eats.

    • Erica said in an interview with Maxim magazine that growing up she didn't get herself dates, but set up her girlfriends with dates.

    • Magazine Appearances:
      Maxim Magazine, Oct 2007 cover girl
      TV Guide Magazine, with Tom Welling, Jul 23 to Aug 5, 2007
      FHM US Magazine's 200th edition, May 2006 cover girl
      Sally Beauty, Sep/Oct 2006
      TVZone, Feb 2005
      Self Magazine photo shoot and video to promote fitness
      Smallville Magazine issue #9, #10, #14 and #23
      Cult Times Magazine Issue #32
      TVGuide Sep 2004, Oct 2004
      Tecin Rebel Magazine

    • Honors:
      � 2009 - No.26, BuddyTV's "TV's 100 Sexiest Women of 2009" � 2009 - No.14, Entertainment Weekly's "Hotties '09: Your Top 25"
      � 2009 - No.12, AIM's "Hottest Babes of Comics"
      � 2009 - No.20, BuddyTV's "20 TV Women We'd Kiss Under the Mistletoe"
      � 2009 - listed, Entertainment Weekly's "Sci-fi Hotties of '09: The Women"
      � 2009 - No.14, FHM Online's "100 Sexiest Women in the World"
      � 2008 - listed, Maxim's "The Hottest Women of Fall TV ´08" for her role as Lois Lane in Smallville
      � 2008 - listed, TVGuide's "50 Hottest Women of TV"
      � 2008 - No.45,'s "50 Hottest Women on Television"
      � 2008 - winner, "Sexiest Sci-Fi Gal on TV" in an online poll by TVGuide
      � 2008 - No.15, FHM Online's "100 Sexiest Women in the World"
      � 2008 - No.1, TVGuide's "Healthiest and Most Physically Fit Star on Television"
      � 2007 - IGN's "TV Babe of the Day"
      � 2007 - No.20, FHM Online's "100 Sexiest Women in World"
      � 2007 - listed, Maxim's "TV's Hottest Woman" in the October 2007 issue
      � 2007 - No.97,'s "Top 99 Most Desirable Women"
      � 2007 - No.8,'s "Top 10 Canadian Women"
      � 2007 - No.2,'s "Top 10 Up & Coming Canadian Actresses"
      � 2007 - No.3, Sci-Fi Magazine's "Sexy Women in '07"
      � 2006 - No.38, FHM US's "100 Sexiest Women in the World"
      � 2006 - Highest-ranked new entry in FHM US's "100 Sexiest Women in the World"
      � 2006 - Nominated for a Saturn Award for "Best Supporting Actress on Television" for her role as Lois Lane on Smallville
      � 2006 - listed, MSN TV's "Top 25 Fall TV Hotties"
      � 2005 - Nominated for a Saturn Award for "Best Supporting Actress on Television" for her role as Lois Lane on Smallville
      � Voted best Lois Lane ever in a poll by Attack of The Show
      � Named one of the "Sexiest Sci-Fi Babes" by Netscape

    • Public Appearances:
      � Jul 26, 2009 - San Diego Comic-Con
      � Dec 17, 2008 - Etalk
      � Oct 11-12, 2008 - Manitoba Comic-Con & Sci-Fi Expo with husband David Palffy and Justin Hartley
      � Oct 9, 2008 - ET Canada
      � Apr 12, 2008 - Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit with husband David Palffy, Aaron Ashmore, Laura Vandervoort, James Marsters, Brent Spiner, Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Grace Park, Phil Morris, Tom Lenk and Elisabeth Rohm
      � Mar 8, 2008 - MegaCon
      � Sep 18, 2007 - CTV ETalk Daily
      � Aug 27, 2007 - The CW Network Affiliate Party
      � Jul 29, 2007 - San Diego's Comic-Con International with Laura Vandervoort, Justin Hartley, Phil Morris, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar from Smallville
      � May 17, 2007 - The CW Upfront
      � May 17, 2007 - CW11 Morning News
      � May 8, 2007 - CTV ETalk Daily
      � Nov 24, 2006 - CTV ETalk Daily
      � Oct 9, 2006 - Howard Stern Radio Show
      � Sep 18, 2006 - The CW Launch Party
      � Jul 17, 2006 - The CW Network Summer TCA Party
      � Jul 28-30, 2006 - Rogue Events at the Leofric Hotel in Coventry, England
      � Jun 3, 2006 - Wizard World Philadelphia Convention 2006 with David Palffy
      � Jun 24, 2006 - AdventureCon in Knoxville
      � May 18, 2006 - The CW Upfront 2006-2007 Event
      � Feb 27, 2006 - WB11 Morning News
      � Oct 22, 2005 - ValleyCon Fantasty Festival
      � Aug 29, 2005 - Canadian National Comic Book Expo
      � Jun 6, 2005 - Batman Begins Premiere
      � May 17, 2005 - The WB Upfront 2005/2006 Event
      � May 14-15, 2005 - London Movie Comic Media Expo
      � Apr 6, 2005 - 13th Jules Verne Film Festival
      � Jan 22, 2005 - The WB Television Network's 2005 All Star Party
      � Jan 20, 2005 - The WB Television and Warner Home Video Celebrate 50 Years of Quality TV Event
      � Nov 20-21, 2004 - Super Megafest
      � Nov 6-8, 2004 - Wizard World Texas Convention
      � Sep 23, 2004 - DJ Rick Radio Show
      � Sep 21, 2004 - Howard Stern Radio Show
      � Jul 24, 2004 - San Diego's Comic-Con International Event

    • Erica gave a brief tribute to Dana Reeve, who passed away March 6, 2006 after a Smallville episode. Contact information for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation was given, offering Superman tags with the money going to fund treatment for paralysis.

    • Among the actresses Erica admires are Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Lange, and Ashley Judd. When she was a child, she also idolized Madonna.

    • At age 18, Erica got married to her boyfriend Wes Parker, who was 19 at that time. They got divorced after three years. She first met her second husband, David Palffy, who is also her acting coach, while taking acting classes in Vancouver.

    • Erica is of French Canadian descent.

    • Erica was first discovered by well-known agent/talent scout Jeff Palffy, formerly of Ford Models, now with PMG Management in Vancouver.

    • Erica grew up on a turkey farm.

    • Erica is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall. Her measurements are 32C-24-32. She has brown/green eyes and her natural hair color is brown. She is left-handed.

    • The Howard Stern Show Appearances Details:
      - 2004
      • promoted Smallville
      • got married when she was 18 years of age
      • had sex for the first time after getting married
      • revealed she never "did someone" for a role
      - 2006
      • promoted The Butterfly Effect 2
      • admitted to having nude parties with her husband and close friends
      • parties weren't that often and story was blown out of proportion
      • revealed she never had cosmetic surgery
      • doing bench press exercises contributed in her bust increase
      • got salary increase when she transferred from The WB to CW network.

    • Durance made her acting debut in the 2001 horror movie The Untold. She also had an appearance in Ecstasy and played the lead role in Stranded (2006). She appeared topless in the 2003 feature film House of the Dead.

    • She was featured as one of six beautiful women in the 2007 Women of Scifi Calendar, with her photo appearing in two months. The calendar is produced by Slacktwaddle Productions which belongs to Stargate: SG-1 stars Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge. Christopher and Jeff Judge, also a star on the show, are her brothers-in-law.

    • As a teenager, Erica had braces on her teeth.

  • Quotes

    • Erica (about ranking higher on FHM's "Sexiest Women" list every year): I think they're being extremely generous! Those magazines are very lovely but there are women on there who I find to be much more stunning.

    • Erica (about Tom Welling wearing the Superman suit): I do ask Tom on a regular basis when he's going to wear tights, and he just walks away.

    • Erica (about Lois and Clark in season 8 of Smallville): This year we'll actually see Clark being more of his own man. He's so heroic. I just think it's lovely what they've done for him. For my own character, there's a lot more of the Lois and Clark they're looking for, a lot more fun with that interplay.

    • Erica (about Lois and Clark as rivals and partners): You get a little bit of both. That's what's been fun about the relationship, these moments where they're going head-to-head and then pull together when they have to, when the stakes are really high. Those moments where one of them goes, "You know what, you did do a good job." And the writers have been really good this year dropping little bombs of, "Oh my god, do they really love each other? Does she really love him?" There's a lot of that.

    • Erica (about Lois and Clark at the Daily Planet for season 8): Lois is finding herself more, and she definitely is becoming that journalist that everyone loves. She's brushing shoulders with Clark a lot, so we have a lot of fun interplay. She'll go to investigate something, thinking that she's the one solving the problem, and meanwhile he's speeding around saving her a lot. It's quite funny.

    • Erica (one of the things she likes about playing Lois Lane): She shows it's OK to mess up and to be human. You don't have to be perfect. Just keep going. Sometimes being a perfectionist can become counter productive -- if it keeps you from moving forward. There's a beauty in imperfection.

    • Erica (about how playing Lois Lane has had an impact on her even off the set): When you're doing series work, playing a character for a few years, usually you have to bring something of yourself to it -- and yeah, the character can invade you a little bit. I come home and she'll still be a part of me, this sassy high energy. My husband is like, 'Chill'. On the plus side, it's helped me become more confident in myself. It's made me a champion of the cause of, basically, women being in charge of their lives and being independent -- doing that and making no apologies for it.

    • Erica (about working on the film Ecstasy): I am thrilled to go to Scotland to star in this film. The whole idea of exploring relationships about people on Ecstasy in a completely different location and culture is exciting. Trainspotting was one of my favorite films.

    • Erica (about her first scene with Tom Welling who was nude): Tom had the appropriate parts covered. But I still had to tell myself, 'keep looking up.' I will tell you, he isn't Superman for nothing.

    • Erica (about The Butterfly Effect 2): It's trying to answer that age-old question that if we, as human beings, had the chance, would we do a better job the second time around? Would we be able to fix things, and how much would it affect other people? I always thought that was an interesting question. So when they approached me with [the role], I said, 'Sure.'

    • Erica (about Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum): There was a black chair and a leopard-print chair, and I knew right away that Michael's chair was the leopard print.

    • Erica (about Tom Welling directing a Smallville episode): He had such a great idea of what all the actors were feeling and what the show should like.

    • Erica (about working on Smallville): I've been just trying to do well on this series and do my best.

    • Erica (about Lois & Clark on Smallville): Clark and Lois both have their own way of looking at life. Lois has a lot of defense mechanisms; a lot of walls and often protective things. She deflects a lot, so even if [a Clark/Lois relationship] came up in her mind, she would turn it into a joke. She's not ready to have someone that close to her.

    • Erica (about her sex life): I'm happy, always happy and making sure of that!

    • Erica: There's a cliché that Canadians are polite, always saying "please," "thanks," and "sorry." If somebody stepped on my toe, I'd say, "Sorry," because my toe was under his foot.

    • Erica (about playing Lois Lane): A lot of blessings come with playing a character who's so well-known.

    • Erica: I travel extensively, as a matter of fact, when I am not on set I'm usually on a plane. So I never leave home without my bottle of water. When flying, I find it so important to drink copious amounts of water. I am convinced it helps you overcome jet lag.

    • Erica: I'm a small-town girl, and it'll never be beaten out of me.

    • Erica: I maintain my inner beauty by trying to lead a balanced life in general. I try to eat healthy foods, but.... that doesn't mean I won't treat myself now and then! I work out almost every day, which gives me more energy and helps me feel stronger. I also try to be a genuinely good person to the people around me.

    • Erica: I would describe my style as eclectic depending on my mood. The most important aspect is feeling comfortable. If you feel good, then you are much more likely to enjoy what you are doing.

    • Erica: The best beauty advice I ever received is to keep skin hydrated and limit harsh exposure to the sun. If you are set on the tanned look, there are plenty of great creams that will give you a healthy-looking glow.

    • Erica: People think that if you're sexy you have no brains, and if you have brains you aren't in touch with your sexual side. I'm trying to tell people, "You can have it both ways."

    • Erica: I can only tell people what works for me. Everyone is an individual and the key is to find out what works for you personally. Don't be overly influenced by what other people are doing. There's nothing more exciting than exploring different things in order to create your own style and then make it your own.

    • Erica: I'm very close to my stepson, who I've known since he was one. I want to have kids, for sure.

    • Erica (about working with John Schneider on Smallville for the first time): I was very, very nervous because he was Bo Duke, and I grew up loving Bo Duke!

    • Erica: In the bedroom you need freedom and honesty.

    • Erica: If I want to run around naked, I will.

    • Erica: It'd be nice if fans thought I was the sexiest Lois Lane.

    • Erica: It's been a really cool ride and a crazy year. It was not expected to be 13 episodes -- it was four and then it went to 13 -- so it was kind of all over the place, but I feel good and I am excited to get on with the new year. I've got a little bit of an idea [of what will happen] and I'm excited to get in there and explore more of Lois and see where they're gonna take her. With the last episode that we shot, showing her watching everything that's happening, you don't really know where she goes or what she does, so for me the excitement is seeing how this moment of tragedy is going to add a new color to her character.

    • Erica: When I grew up, one of the things I loved about the Lois Lane character was her independence. The fact that she has this inner strength that basically says, "If anything goes wrong, I'm going to turn to myself first. I'm not a victim. Let's see how I can get myself out of this."

      The beauty that Lois has is that she doesn't view herself as a beauty or sex symbol. Her beauty comes from the confidence she has within, and the fact she can rely on her wit and her strengths. As a result, it comes across as confidence that people find beautiful.

    • Erica: We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.

    • Erica: I'm fairly introverted, but when I do stuff like a Maxim shoot, there's a side of me I call Gillian.

    • Erica: I'm learning to embrace who I am and what I look like.

    • Erica (about her experience on Smallville): Looking back right now, I am a little shocked. I spent so much time just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other! It's been this nice steady job for the last three years, going into my fourth. And it started off as only four episodes. I'm all about living in the present, so I was just trying to do the best I could with what was in front of me. But you go to Comic-Con and everyone is so positive and excited. The energy around it is amazing, so no complaints here.

    • Erica: Nudity is just about your body. It's easier to shut yourself off outside than reveal your inner thoughts.

    • Erica: I'm just resting. I took some time off to chill out and travel and that sort of thing, and go to premieres and kinda get a kick out of it. It's great.

    • Erica: Playing Lois is definitely a responsibility.

    • Erica (about the new CW network): I like it, I like being part of something new. I think it's a nice young network, and I like the idea that a lot of the shows we would compete against or worry about, are now on the same network.

    • Erica (on Margot Kidder and Teri Hatcher as previous Lois Lanes): I think both ladies did a really lovely job of playing the part. Obviously I was quite a bit younger when I watched Margot Kidder, so the impression that stayed from when I was a young girl watching was of a woman who was getting rescued, but yet didn't need to be rescued sometimes. She was very intelligent and gutsy, and that made a huge impression on me. As I got older, more in my teens, then I was watching Teri's version, and she brought a whole new element to it. Both of them were at different stages in my life, and I think they did a great job.

    • Erica: I don't know what the key is. Maybe it's the idea that I'm doing more and involved in more, so people know me more, and that starts to be part of it. With age comes more beauty because you become more relaxed in yourself. I was laughing with my husband the other day, because one of our friends had come up and said "Now, there's all this talk about you and all your facial surgeries to become sexier and get higher on these lists." I laughed so hard, my husband and I had the greatest laugh about it. I often don't read those things on the internet, because there's too much negativity usually involved in that. But I would have to say these folks don't know me too well to think that I've done rhinoplasty and all those things. Besides the fact that I don't like the idea of being in surgery and going under, I have these freakish ideas that you'd be awake during surgery and it totally freaks me out. But also, ya know, a lot happens in a decade, and these people are on there going she's gotten her entire jaw done, and her nose done, and her eyes done, and liposuction, and I thought "Man, all my hours in the gym." In the gym, on the treadmill, that's where that stuff comes from. This is speaking from a woman's point of view, when you get older, and I'm talking about being 20 to 29, your face completely changes. So, I would like to say to those people that it is natural, and it is hard work, sweat, and having to eat a lot of broccoli.

    • Erica (about how her life has changed after getting the role on Smallville): I do more traveling, my life has a faster pace, and I'm getting opportunities to do films.

    • Erica (about getting along with a well-developed cast on Smallville): Right from the start all of them were very open, very nice, and welcoming, so it was an easy fit for me.

    • Erica (about getting the role of Lois in Smallville): It was basically a little bit of a lottery, as everything is in this business, but I had been up here working in Vancouver for a long time -- this is where I live -- doing guest star roles, and just trying to make my way into the business. There was a rumor that this character was going to be coming on to Smallville, so my manager was telling me you need to get ready, we're gonna suss it out and we're going to find an audition. My husband is also my acting coach, so we got all trained up for it. I really didn't think much about it, because at this point I was not very enamored with the industry and the way things went, and I said okay, well I'll go in. I was a little bit begrudging about it because by that time I was ready for a break. True to form, that ended up being the one that I got. It just has been a real whirlwind since then.

    • Erica (about working with Ashley from WWE Smackdown): I think Ashley is great. She's right on top of it. I got the sense from her when I met her that she's a real go-getter. She's not afraid of anything. She's willing to work hard and I think that it's a sign of any good actress.

    • Erica (about her role on Smallville): I want [Lois] to hold onto her independence and sassiness - I don't want her to lose that edge.

    • Erica (about acting in Vancouver): I wanted to get my feet wet in a smaller area than Los Angeles when I gave it a try.

    • Erica (about getting the role): It was a whirlwind. I got the call I had it on a Friday night and began filming Monday morning. I was scheduled to go in Saturday and do some photo shoots. And then on Sunday, Tom was nice enough to read some scenes with me so I wasn't so stressed out. And then on Monday, I was thrown in there.

    • Erica: I do like their having given Lois such intelligence that there are glimmers of her noticing things.

    • Erica: Outside of it, yeah sure, it would be fun to do that film but I mean specifically, because my working relationship is with Tom it would be very odd to do a movie without him being the Superman, so it might be a little strange actually for me to do it.

    • Erica: Well, it's just a completely different medium than the TV so I can see why they'd potentially want to keep it separate so that both entities can survive and do well.

    • Erica: ('series' being Smallville) I've been just trying to do well on this series and do my best.

    • Erica (about Lois and Clark): You have two strong characters and personalities who are very different and they look at life from different angles. They have some similarities which they begin to find in their bantering with each other. And there are moments when they try to figure each other out. But it's great.

    • Erica: I know in the movies and comics Lois was getting rescued a lot, but there was always the sense she thought she could rescue herself. She was the strong one and didn't just sit there until the guy saved her. Maybe she isn't aware she's being rescued. I think she does a bit of butt kicking too.

    • Erica: If you think too much about playing an icon, it will immobilize you. You have to treat it like a fresh character. Sure, there are guidelines so that you don't upset people, but you have to find your own way.

    • Erica: Obviously, I'm kind of loyal to Tom [Welling] because that's who I work with so to me he's my Superman.

    • Erica: What the writers have done is they haven't made it an easy answer. That relationship isn't tied up in a bow. We all know they end up together, but there is a journey every relationship takes to get there.

    • Erica: You have two people that have been together before and then a third person comes in. They haven't written that I am suddenly there and a romantic lead. There is a little bit of weirdness, but they've given Lana a place where she is changing and growing. I think it hasn't gone to the classic triangle where everyone is jealous. At this point, with the brief meetings I have had with Lana and Clark, it would be unnatural.

    • Erica: I especially enjoyed the scenes between Lois and Clark where there's that push and pull between them.

    • Erica: The stunt arrangers always try to work in a kick here and there, and usually a kick in a very interesting place - like in the middle of the night, or in a dark street.

    • Erica: Every man likes the woman who makes things difficult for him, challenges him and makes it interesting, but they also like the woman who's soft and loving.

    • Erica: I'm really enjoying myself. The things that they've allowed me to do, and the different characters that I get to work with - it just keeps getting more and more.

    • Erica: In the beginning, I think a lot of her attitude was a dismissive he's kind of a dumb farm boy - he's cute, but how about somebody who's smart, unique and all those things?

    • Erica: There was a little bit more freedom, because this younger Lois could grow... potentially.