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    • Erica (about getting the role of Lois in Smallville): It was basically a little bit of a lottery, as everything is in this business, but I had been up here working in Vancouver for a long time -- this is where I live -- doing guest star roles, and just trying to make my way into the business. There was a rumor that this character was going to be coming on to Smallville, so my manager was telling me you need to get ready, we're gonna suss it out and we're going to find an audition. My husband is also my acting coach, so we got all trained up for it. I really didn't think much about it, because at this point I was not very enamored with the industry and the way things went, and I said okay, well I'll go in. I was a little bit begrudging about it because by that time I was ready for a break. True to form, that ended up being the one that I got. It just has been a real whirlwind since then.