Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada


3/16/1949, New York-Spanish Harlem

Birth Name

Henry Enrique Estrada



Also Known As

Eric Estrada
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Erik Estrada was born Henry Enrique Estrada in New York City on March 16th 1949 to Renildo and Carmon. Erik has one brother(Joey) and one sister( Carmen) Erik has been married three times, Joyce Miller, Peggy Rowe(Mother of his two sons, Anthony and Brandon).Presently he is married to…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2007, Erik received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the 2,336th star.

    • Erik has a small cameo in the film National Lampoon's Van Wilder as one of the applicants for Van's assistant.

    • Erik was nominated for a Gold Globe Award for 'Best Actor On a TV Series' for his role on CHiP's in 1980. He was also nominated for an 'ALMA' Award for 'Outstanding Actor in a Movie' for CHiP's 99 in 1999.

    • Erik proposed to his third wife, Nanette Mirkovich by hiring a plane to fly over a posh oceanside restaurant in Los Angeles where they were having lunch. It trailed a banner reading "Nan, I love you, will you marry me?"

    • Erik speaks out on the behalf of the Heart Association, and for the United way.

    • Erik became the spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol's "Carseat Inspection and Installation Program". He provides instruction, and safety tips for parents.

    • Erik was named the international face of D.A.R.E in 2000, which is a campaign against drugs.

    • Erik enjoys running, tennis, golf, and daily workouts at the gym.

    • Erik has written and released his autobiography, Erik Estrada: My Road from Harlem to Hollywood from William Morrow Publishing.

    • Erik appeared in the video "Infected" by the punk rock band Bad Religion, and in "Pepper" by the surf-punk band The Butthole Surfers in 1995.

    • Erik's nickname from his family is 'Papo', his nickname from his friends is 'Phantom'.

    • Erik left CHiP's in 1981 over a salary dispute with NBC, his replacement was Bruce Jenner, the 1976 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist.

    • Erik starred in his first spanish language feature film Juana La Cubana in 1982.

    • Erik appeared in a special advertising commercial campaign for Taco Bell, as 'Ponch' from CHiP's in 1992.

    • Erik appeared in the Off-Broadway production of True West, at the Cherry Lane Theater in New York City.

    • Erik starred and produced the NBC movie of the week Honey Boy for his own production company. The story was a success in the ratings, and was about boxing, ambition, betrayal, and forbidden love with Morgan fairchild.

    • Erik became a teen heart-throb for teen girls everywhere in the 1980's. His face could be found on: posters, t-shirts, lunch boxes, mugs, toys, towels, magazines, and collector-cards.

    • Erik was named one of the 'Sexiest Bachelors Alive' by People magazine in 1980, and one of the 'Sexiest Men in History' again by People in 2002.

    • Erik was in classic films, such as Airport 75 with Charlton Heston and Midway with Henry Fonda and Robert Wagner. His first film, The cross and the Switchblade is still shown at about 500 youth centers a week across the country, because of it's anti-drug & life changing messages.

    • Erik's first break came when actor/director Don Murray chose him to star as a streetwise character opposite Pat Boone in the true story, The Cross and the Switchblade in 1977.

    • Erik joined his high school drama club to get next to a girl that he had a crush on. Soon after, he discovered that he loved to act, and began to pursue roles in plays.

    • Erik was raised by his grandfather, in Spanish Harlem after being abandoned by his father. He credits his grandfather with all of the parenting he received as a child.

  • Quotes

    • Erik: I would love to sing! I sang on one of the episodes for CHiP's and sang on stage and loved every minute of it. I've studied voice so I could learn control and all those good things that make a singer great at his craft.

    • Erik: I always loved Ponch, it was so much fun for me to be him, to put on my duds, get on that bike and bust the bad guys, help out the kids, and get the babes.

  • Ponch the rebel with a cause

    Ponch was the sex symbol & one of the few Latinos

    Working on tv as Jon was the straight man

    And the cool, calm, and collected one when Ponch can act

    Out of line as well as also like a kids, which

    Can get on Jon's nerves. Too bad Erik didn't have anything

    To back up Chips after his career faded after the show.