Erik Knudsen

Erik Knudsen


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Erik Kenneth William Knudsen



Also Known As

Erik Knudesen, Eric Knudsen
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Born March 25th 1988 in Toronto, Canada, Erik Knudsen is of Danish and Scottish descent. Erik is a young actor who has been in movies and Television shows. He has previously been in such movies as Saw II and Good Cop, Bad Cop and is currently in the CBS hit, Jericho.



Trivia and Quotes

  • Awsome

    Erik is an awsome actor. I think he is one of the best. My favorite show in the world is Jericho all because he is in it. I think he needs to have his own show, or star in a big movie. I think it's sad that not a lot of people know about him. I think hes is like the hottest guy in the world, no doubts about it. I wish i could meet him. That would be awsome. I love him. If anyone has any photos are anying like that of him I would love it. He's is the best actor in the whole entire world.moreless
  • Erik Knudsen is so hot!

    Erik is so hot hah! He actaully camps in the same campground as me! But he wasnt up this labour day weekend 07 beacause he was filming for jericho! But he just so hot hah! He has done amazing in all the shows he has guest starred in and then in saw 1 and 2 and obsivisley jericho! I wish he could come up camping more, but he is too busy and i could understand! I really think eveyrone is pround of him especially his parents. He is just a gorgeous actor! I think he has done good!

    -emily, petrolia, ontariomoreless