Erik Per Sullivan





7/12/1991 , Worcester, Massachusetts

Birth Name

Erik Per Sullivan




Erik was born on July 12 1991 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Her mother is Swedish and his father American, so he learned both languages when he was very young and speaks them fluently. He showed acting abilities since he was 5, in short Pre-School shows.

One day, his father Fred heard in the radio that they were making auditions to the movie Armageddon. They needed a 5-10 year old boy. He took Erik to the casting, and it was very successful. Erik appeared only 12 seconds, but he joined the acting industry.

Erik was an awesome student, the 1st of his class, and he had a great talent for Tae Kwon Do, so he got black belt when he was 9. He achieved his breakthrough as an actor already by his second movie The Cider House Rules. After the movie, Erik acted in Malcolm in the Middle, and he became very popular.