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  • Really was taken along for the ride!

    Erik was nearly the youngest person in the show and that really he was taken along for the ride in front of nearly all women. Had not James got pulled out early due to an injury, as well as making the dumbest mistake in the game. By given his immunity to that stupid witch, Natalie. He may had won. As that is the dumbest mistake in Survivor or reality tv history. He was naive as well as starstruck. But he needed to overcome that in order to win the game, which he failed to do that. Cute I will agree but dumb as a rock, sorry!
  • Erik: the wide eyed kid in the candy shop and the last man standing.

    He is the last guy standing and thank god he won the immunity challenge or he wouldn't be still standing on the Dabu tribe. Wow, now to stay in the game, he would have to win the next two immunities in order to save himself or find the immunity idol to stay in the game. He is just so cute, with that hair and SHORT SHORTS. Ah, I love him. Though he may be the youngest guy, I've never seen someone so wide-eyed before. He's strong swimmer and even beat James at the immunity challenge final round. I hope he wins. GO ERIK GO!