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  • If I were to write this review when I was 12 it would have been filled with OMG I love him! But I've grown up and I have to say I miss seeing him act.

    I followed his career since he stepped onto the screen in So Weird in 1999. That was my favorite show, and EVD was my favorite actor! Once So Weird was over in 2001, I tried to follow him as he went on to small roles on "Odd Man Out" "Complete Savages" and "Dinotopia". Oh! and who can forget him in "Brink!" the best Disney Channel Orignal Movie. I remember the good ol' days when he would be in the 90's Tiger Beat which I always had to buy. Now I see him in random Lifetime and other movies and guest spots on shows like Cold Case. Maybe he will get another show some day soon. That would be nice.
  • How can you not love him?

    He is a great actor, and I would love to see him to some more serious acting. He's got the hair, he's got the face, he's got the body, he's got everything that Hollywood is looking for. I don't know why he isn't taking advantage of his amazing talent and great looks. "Complete Savages" was a great show, that did not deserve such an early cancellation. Get this man infront of a camera, soon! I would really like to see him do some movies. I could see him doing some really good horror movies, and ofcourse his main suit, Comedy!
  • Hope he becomes a big star!

    I think he is a great actor as long as
    He chooses the right scripts. Not just does he have
    The looks but also the skills. Very handsome and loved in
    The Princess Diaries. Good to hear him in the Big Brothers program helping out kids.
    Good for Erik! And here's a lot of luck for a great future ahead of him.
  • Damn for him

    I wish all his projects didn't get cancelled - or got more spotlight. He's so unappreciated in terms of his potential - he's so good!!! I loved him since Leave It To Beaver, to So Weird, to Odd Man Out to Dinotopia to L&O:SVU Complete Savages. He's hilarious as the dumb, surfer type and when he's being serious. Loooove him/.
  • Great actor. !!

    Erik von detten is one of my favourite actors , i try to watch evry movie with Erik von detten in it.
    When he played the part of Nicholas Alamain on days of our lives he was younger but he was so talented that he played a convincing part and i've seen one episode of Dinotopia and he is still as great as when he was on Days of our lives. I saw him a lot of the movies he appaered in and i have to say Escape to Witch Mountain (1995) (TV) and The Princess Diaries (2001)are my favourites.